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Proven ways to increase Youtube views

Last updated on June 11th, 2017 at 04:36 am

If you are looking for some tips to increase Youtube views, then you are at the right place and following tips mentioned in the tutorial will help to increase youtube views on a huge level.Before that let me tell you that it is a tough competition to get huge viewers in youtube as their millions of videos added every minute.There are a lot of cat videos which makes your competition difficult to attract more viewers.

Thus your video should be knowledge sharing at the same time entertaining one. If you can hook your viewers with a great video, there’s a much greater chance that they will visit your channel again for more videos.Thus you have to take your audience through every emotional stage like make them think, make them laugh and cry.

Ways in which you can increase youtube views

1.Your video Title is the King: Most of the viewers come to your video by reading your video Title.Thus your video title is the king to pull more viewers to your video. Is your title clearly mention what is your video about?  If you have ANY video titled  “Mov01251.mp4”, “My First Video”,“About Us”  etc then it will not do any favor for you. Do proper keyword research and properly place your keyword in Title. This will help your video to appear on both Youtube and Google first page.Make sure that you use a relevant keyword to avoid irrelevant viewers who will exit your video in short time.

2.Upload/Sync Your Transcript:  Google will inspect your video before it publishes your video. Google listen what your video is explaining and thus try to use your keyword in your video. Uploading a transcript which clearly explains what you discuss in the video will help Google to clearly understand your video.In this way, you can increase your youtube views.

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3.Add Your Custom Thumbnail: Image has more impact that words, thus using a custom Thumbnail will attract more viewers.


4.Add The Subscribe Annotation: Getting more subscribers will boost youtube views because your subscribers will get a notification for every video you add. This helps you to boost youtube views in the initial of publishing your video.Thus when you get immediate views from your subscribers, Google will start to bring your video up in the search list.Adding subscribe annotation in your video screen will remind your viewers to click subscribe button.

5.Add a good description: Adding a good description about your video with the proper keyword will increase your Google page rank. Thus make sure that you add a good description for every video to increase youtube views.

6.Add proper tags for your video: Adding proper tags will help youtube to take you to the best audience for you. Make sure you add good tags for your video which matches your video content.

I know, now you will be asking ” Do I need to do all these in my video?” – My answer is no, these tips will help you to win your competitors and to boost youtube views. The top tube channels are using the above steps in every video and that is why they are attracting more viewers.

I hope these tips will help you to boost youtube views for your videos and please feel free to share more tips which have helped to increase youtube views.

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