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Vijay Tv Bigg Boss Vote- Online Voting & Missed Call Number

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil:  This post is complete detail about the new show Bigg Boss Tamil started in Vijay TV on June 25th, 2017. This show is the Tamil debut version of popular Hindi TV channel program Bigg Boss hosted my actor Salman Khan. Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted by complete actor Kamal Haasan, it is the first time the actor is hosting a TV channel program in his life.

Before moving on to Bigg Boss Vote details, let me give a quick detail about the program. Sources say that the Bigg Boss house set worth INR 1.2 crore which accommodates 15 contestants and 30 cameras. Earlier there were rumors that the program may be aired with 14 members inducing two cricket players. On 25th June 2017, the program was aired on Vijay TV with 15 members, most of them are from the film industry.

As per the rules of Bigg Boss, every week 3 contestants will be nominated by the contestants among themselves on every Monday. Each contestant must nominate 2 members with a specific reason. One among the 3 contestants will be decided based on the Bigg Boss Vote or Poll option which is done by viewers. You can cast your vote for your favorite contestants whom you do not want to eliminate from the house. Viewers can cast their vote either by missed call or by online voting option. In this post, we will discuss in detail on the steps to register your votes for your favorite contestants.

Bigg Boss Vote - Rules and Regulations:

One of the most challenging parts of this show is its voting pattern, rules, and regulation. Understanding this in depth will help you to vote for the best contestants.

  1. All the 15 housemates live in the house for 100 days and will be isolated from their family, friends and external world.

  2. None of the contestants can carry or use any electronic gadgets (Television, Mobiles, the Internet, Watch etc.) with them.

  3. Once a contestant enters the house, until he or she leaves the house they will be allowed to see only the actor Kamal Haasan on every Sundays and Saturdays during live episodes.

  4. All the 15 contestants will be watching by 30 cameras and microphone (to record their voice conversation) 24*7 for 100 days.

  5. Every week, contestants with top 3 number of nomination will be left for a public vote.

  6. The contestant with less vote from the public will be eliminated from the program.

  7. A total of 3 contestants will remain for the last week of the program, and the winner will be selected by on public Bigg Boss Vote.

  8. There is a chance for entry of a surprise candidate in any week of the program which would be decided by the Bigg Boss and Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Vote  Methods

Bigg Boss Vote– Online Method

Online Bigg Boss Vote method is done by using Google Vote System by the viewers. Follow the bellow steps cast your votes online.

1.Open your browser application Chrome/Firefox/Safar/Internet Explorer.

2.Copy and paste www.Google.co.in in search tab.

3.Now type “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Voting” in Google search box. Or Click Here

Note – For voters outside India, many viewers reported that they cannot find the voting option by using Google.com, so make sure that you use Google.co.in.

Bigg Boss Vote

4.Use your Google account to sign in to vote.

Note- Every day you have 50 votes per day to vote for your favorite contestant which ends midnight every Friday. So, you can split and use your 50-vote limit per day to vote.

5.Now click on your favorite contestant and move the blue bottom towards up to cast your vote as shown in the picture below.

Bigg Boss Vote

6.Click submit after casting your votes.

7.Now you will receive a confirmation message as shown below.

Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Vote – Offline Method (Missed call)

If you find it difficult to do the above online search method, you do Bigg Boss Vote by a missed call. The program has allocated a certain number for every contestant. Thus, you can call for the number which represents your favorite contestant from the below list to support.

NoContestantMissed Call Number
4Ganesh Venkatram7210-122-304
5Ganja Karuppu7210-122-305
6Gayathri Raguram7210-122-306
7Harathi Ganesh7210-122-307

Bigg Boss Vote – 15 candidate Status lists

Since the Bigg Boss Tamil program has successfully completed its first week of the program, there was few eliminations through Bigg Boss Vote and few housemates are nominated for next week elimination. The below list will have updated every week as the show progress. This list will help you to give a clear idea before casting your Bigg Boss Vote.

2AnuyaEliminated (Week 1)
3BharaniWeek 2 Eviction
4Ganesh VenkatramPlaying
5Ganja KaruppuWeek 2 Eviction
6Gayathri RaguramPlaying
7Harathi GaneshPlaying
10OviyaWeek 2 Eviction
12ShreeLeft Out

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction details

As we seen in the last week of the program, three contestants got nominated by the housemates among themselves. This week 3 contestants are in the list and nomination count.

NoContestant NameNomination Received
2Ganja Karuppu6

This week, Bharani was nominated by 10 housemates on Week 2 eviction followed by Ganja Karuppu and Oviya 4 votes each.

You if wish to see your favorite contestant from the above three to stay back in the Bigg Boss house, then use either of the above two voting methods for Bigg Boss Vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Details and their remuneration

1) Aarav

Bigg Boss Vote

Aarav Nafeez Kizar is popular model and actor from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. He is Mechanical Engineer and model by profession who recently appeared in Tamil movie Saithan. He appeared in many advertisements and is one among non-celebrity contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 1.

Salary in INR– 1.2 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-301

2) Anuya

Bigg Boss Vote

Anuya is an actress who born and bought in Mumbai, India. She was debut in Tamil movie through SMS movie and later appeared in movies such as Naan, Nanban etc. She is 28 year old and single women who like exploring new things in life.

Salary in INR– 2.5 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-302


3) Bharani

Bigg Boss Vote

Baharani is another contestant in this program who popularly known for his debut movie Naadodigal movie. He has also featured in many other Tamil movies and is popular among Tamil film audience.

Salary in INR– 1.5 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-303


4) Ganesh Venkatram

Bigg Boss Vote

Ganesh Venkatram is a popular actor in Tamil film industry who regularly appears in many Tamil movies. Abhiyum Nanum, Thanioruvan are few among the notable movies done by Ganesh. He also appeared in few other TV channel program like Achcham Thavir.

Salary in INR– 1.5 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-304


5) Ganja Karuppu

Bigg Boss Vote

Ganja Karuppu is another candidate of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1. He was featured in many Tamil films, Naadodigal, Something -something etc. He was away from Kollywood for past few years and this program is a comeback for him.

Salary in INR– 2.0 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-305


6) Gayathri Raguram

Bigg Boss Vote

Gayathri is 33-year-old choreographer come actress who is well k own in Kollywood industry. Her directorial debut movie is planning to release soon after this program and she is excited to enjoy 100 days with other contestants.

Salary in INR–  2.35 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-306


7) Harathi Ganesh

Bigg Boss Vote

Harathi aka Arathi Ganesh is another contestant who is popular among viewers through her acting in few TV serials and a guest appearance in Tamil movies. She has also appeared in many reality shows as a judge.

Salary in INR– 2.8 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-307


8) Juliana

Bigg Boss Vote

Juliana is Nurse by profession and is popular among the public for her protest on Jallikattu which happened in Chennai recently. In a way, she is the contestant with the most support from public and that is the reason why she is in this program.

Salary in INR– 1.25 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-308


9) Namitha

Bigg Boss Vote

Namitha entry as 15th contestant was a surprise as the show was initially confirmed to start with 14 members. She is a popular actress who is appeared in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies.She is the third highest paid contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1.

Salary in INR– 4.0 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-309


10) Oviya

Bigg Boss Vote

Oviya is a popular actress who appeared in Manmadan Ambu, Yaamirukka Bayamey, Kalavani and more movies.She is the youngest and highest paid contestant of season 1.

Salary in INR– 10.0 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-310


11) Raiza

Bigg Boss Vote

Raiza Wilson is a Miss India contestant and model and was a new face for viewers among the 14 contestants list.

Salary in INR– 3.0 lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-311


12) Shree

Bigg Boss Vote Sree

Shree aka Shree Ram was the first one to enter the Bigg Boss house for season 1. He is familiar to the viewers through his Tamil movies Maanagaram,Vil Ambu etc.He started his career through TV serials and joined this program to get more fame among the audience.

Salary in INR– 3.0 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-312


13) Snehan

Bigg Boss Vote

Snehan is popular Tamil movie lyricist who has written for more than 250 + songs for various films. He is the only non-actor contestant who is from film background in season 1

Salary in INR– 2.2 lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-313


14) Vaiyapuri

Bigg Boss Vote

Vaiyapuri is a popular supporting actor in Tamil films and who shared the screen with Rajinikanth, Vijay etc. He has done over 100 movies in Tamil and is one of the oldest contestants in this season.

Salary in INR– 3.5 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-314


15) Sakthi

Bigg Boss Vote

Sakthi Vasu is the son of director P.Vasu and actor who recently appeared in Motta shiva Ketta shiva movie. He has also played a lead role in movies such as Mahesh, Saranya Matrum Palar etc.He is the second highest paid contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1.

Salary in INR– 7.0 Lac

Bigg Boss Vote Missed Call Number - 7210-122-315

Video on Bigg Boss Vote- Contestant Salary


Follow the Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 episodes and support your favorite housemates. You can cast your vote online by searching “Bigg Boss Vote” follow the steps mentioned in the earlier part of this post. You can also poll your votes using missed call. If you face any questions or issue regarding Bigg Boss Vote, feel free to share it in the comment section about Bigg Boss Vote.

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