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Windows Update Error 800072EFE fixed

Error 800072EFE: Since the newer generations of Windows have released, going from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & the awesome Windows 10, there have been automatic updates for the OS that we all have been accustomed to. As such, people have been getting the Windows update error with the code 800072EFE, accompanied with the common error message: “Windows Update encountered an unknown error” or something along those lines.

This error can happen unexpectedly to anyone, whether during start-up, shutdown, restart, reinstalling your OS or updating applications that are associated with Microsoft products like Microsoft Office and other products alike. Like any other error code in Windows, 800072EFE can be a nuisance if left untreated. It can lead to applications being left out of date, slow down your computer, freeze unexpectedly and cause programs to crash when you least expect.

Error 800072EFE

Why does Error 800072EFE happen?

Microsoft Windows Update error 80072EFE is a runtime error associated directly with Windows Update Service. Runtime is the amount of time a program takes to run. You are likely to experience the error 800072EFE during installation of programs, running Windows Update, start-up or shut down of Windows or when installing a Windows Operating System. The error code has various effects on the computer such as crashing the active program window, failing installation updates and causes the computer to freeze for a few seconds at a time. Aside from this, Windows may slow down and cause an ill response to the mouse and keyboard inputs.

The error 800072EFE may be caused by many factors. Therefore, it is important to keep track of when and where the error occurs for effective troubleshooting and preventing its reoccurring.

This may be because of a wide array of problems; It may be that there was a virus or malicious program that attacked the program files. A foreign program installed may also mistakenly delete files relating to the Windows operating system program.

Incomplete downloading during the update of windows will cause such a runtime error. Therefore, downloads of updates must be duly completed to ensure effective installation of all important program files. In addition, the occasional corruption of registry files during updating may cause the error 800072EFE. If the connection is insecure or fluctuating and unstable, registry files are disorganized.

This problem can, however, be corrected following very stringent measures. The process is complex but quite simple in its subtlety. It’s a process that involves engaging the administrator command prompt privilege, but first, you must troubleshoot or scan for malicious programs, viruses or malware. There are several solutions to fixing this error. However, it will depend on the cause of the error. One may have to try a variety of solutions before arriving at one that will resolve the 80072EFE error. To navigate through the fixing of the runtime error we will use a step sequence approach that is ultimately more effective than a random trial.

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The common windows update error can happen for a multitude of reasons

This processes will work 100%. You have to complete all of this. This will take time but it will really help you to remove Windows Update Error.

Bad internet connection: If you’re receiving an error then firstly you need to check your internet connection is working perfectly or not. If you found this article, then your connection is okay. You may need to repair your network connection which can be found by right-clicking on your network connection in Control Panel and select ‘Repair’.

Microsoft’s servers are down: There is also a possibility that Microsoft’s servers do not work properly at this moment. Before making any genuine changes to your system, you should wait a couple of hours to see if the error fixed by itself. If you’re not getting the error after a couple hours, then probably it was a problem of Microsoft’s servers.

You’re using a proxy server: You can also get Windows Update error if you’re using a proxy server. Generally, you’ll also get connection issues through windows build-in-firewall, but this is usually open to updates by default. If the firewall is causing the problem, then turn it off for a few minutes. Then wait and see the problem goes away or not. If you want, you can have a manual experiment to test if turning off the firewall worked properly. If you’re finding the problem yet, the turn off your proxy server and connect directly to the Internet.

Junk files: Removing junk files can easily solve Windows error. To remove junk files, you need to press ‘windows button’ and ‘X’ at the same time. Then select ‘Command Prompt(Admin). Clink on ‘Yes’ to start a command prompt. Now you’ll see a black screen of command prompt. Now you’ve to type ‘cleanmgr’ and press enter. Then it will say to choose a drive and you’ve to select ‘C’ drive and press ok. Now you’ll find ‘Disk Cleanup for’ and it says to select some items. You’ll select all and press ok. Then it will complete its work. Now type ‘exit’ on command prompt and press enter. This process will help you to solve Windows error problem.

Incomplete installation or Corrupt download of windows update software: Windows error can occur from an incomplete installation. It may possible to have an installation problem. So you need to reinstall the updates. If it is still showing error, then you should re-download update files. Sometimes file become corrupted while downloading.

Viruses and Malware: Another reason for this occurrence can be virus and malware. If your computer is infected with a virus or some kind of malicious software malware. If you have tried all the above solutions and you are facing still difficulties, then you should use an anti-virus program or anti-malware software. You have to make a full scan. Sometimes you will not find viruses but virus damage still exists in your Windows system.

Now that we have covered the reasons and events that can cause this error 800072EFE to happen, We can start to go over the suggested solutions that you can try to fix the problem.

Method 1 – Some basic steps to solving the problem to fix 800072EFE

  1. Run your antivirus program to get rid of any existing viruses that may be giving your computer problems. It is a good practice to do a routine scan or check to make sure your computer is running optimally.

  2. Checking if your internet connection is stable. As we covered before, faulty internet connections are one of the causes of the update service going haywire.

  3. Another basic step is to turn off antivirus or firewall when service is running. Don’t worry, you can turn it back on once the service has done its job.

  4. We also covered the fact that installing programs while the automatic update is running could cause the program to have errors, in this case, try uninstalling the recently installed programs that might have a connection to the update service.

Or perform the below steps

  1. Restart your computer and internet source e.g. modem or router.

  2. Open the internet browser to see if the connection insecure and functional.

  3. Stop all downloads at the time of trying to update your Windows OS. If you still do not find any success in doing the above, find another network to establish another more secure connection.

Method 2: Fixing registry entries associated with the 80072EFE error.

  1. Press the ‘START’ button.

  2. Type ‘command’ in the search box.

  3. While holding ‘CTRL-SHIFT’ on your keyboard, press Enter.

  4. Click ‘Yes’ on the prompted dialogue box.

  5. Type ‘regedit’ on the command prompt space and press Enter.

  6. Choose the Error 80072EFE related key e.g. Windows Update in the registry error you want to back it up in.

  7. Select the ‘Export’ option in the file menu.

  8. Choose the folder in which to save the windows update backup key from the Save In list.

  9. In the file name box name your backup file.

  10. Hit ‘Save’, the file is then saved as an extension.

Method 3 – Troubleshoot Windows Update to fix 800072EFE

If the basic steps didn’t solve your problem for you, then try troubleshooting the Windows update. Windows have made it very easy for people to solve problems with their plethora of troubleshooting wizards and this could help with common problems such as 800072efe.

  1. Press the Win + X key together.

  2. Click “Control Panel”.

  3. Type “Troubleshooting”.

  4. Click “View All”

  5. Find the “Windows Update”

  6. Follow the instructions according to the screen carefully. Afterward, turn on the Windows Update again to see if the error 800072EFE is solved.

Or follow the alternate steps

  1. Press the ‘START’ key and search for the control panel.

  2. In the control panel type ‘Troubleshooting’ in the search box.

  3. Then select ‘View All’ and choose ‘Windows Update’ at the bottom.

  4. Follow the subsequent instructions.

If the error 800072EFE is still not solved at this point, proceed below.

Method 4– Removing Junk files to resolve error 800072EFE

We mentioned above that too many junk files could cause the error 800072EFE. So the obvious solution would be to remove the junk files and here’s how you do it.

  1. Press the Win + X key together.

  2. Click “Command Prompt” option as admin.

  3. Click “Yes” to run the command prompt as an admin.

  4. Type “cleanmgr” and hit Enter.

  5. Wait for a few moments as the tool begins to delete the junk files out of your computer.

  6. Click “OK” let the tool delete the junk files it has found on your computer.

Method 5 – Updating your system drivers to solve 800072EFE

Outdated system drivers were one of the causes of the 800072efe error and a simple fix for this is to keep your system drivers up to date and run the windows update tool again.

  1. First thing is to right click “My Computer” and select “Properties”.

  2. After which you select “Device Manager”.

  3. Check t a look out for any yellow “!”  in the device list which symbols that indicate the device as outdated.

  4. Right click on any device with the “!” symbol and click “Update Driver

  5. Restart your computer.

The above step will fix Windows Update Error 800072EFE if your driver is not outdated.It's just a good rule of thumb to check up on your drivers every once in a while to make sure they are up to date.

Method 6 – Full System Restore to fix error 800072EFE

This should be one of the last options in the event that all the other methods provided above did not work. This system restores would restore your computer to the last time that it was working perfectly without the update error 800072efe.

  1. Press the Win + Q key together.

  2. Click on “Settings”.

  3. Choose “Recovery”.

  4. Now choose “System Restore”.

  5. Then Choose the earlier date that your computer was working without the error 800072EFE

  6. The tool will start running to restore your computer back to that date before restarting your computer.

The above still should fix Windows Update Error 800072EFE.If not jump to the next step

Method 7: Install all available Windows updates to fix 800072EFE.

  1. Press the ‘Start’ button.

  2. In the search box type ‘Update’ and press ‘Enter’.

  3. Select ‘Install Updates’ button if updates are available.

Method 8: Engage the System Files Checker to fix 800072EFE.

  1. Press the ‘START’ key.

  2. Type ‘command’ in the search box.

  3. While holding ‘CTRL -SHIFT’ on your keyboard, press Enter.

  4. Click ‘Yes’ on the prompted dialogue box.

  5. Type ‘sfc /scannow’ on the command prompt space and press Enter.

(The system takes some time to scan for the 80072EFE error among other system related.

  1. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Method 9: Performing a new installation of Windows Operating System.

This is a final resort in the event that the above methods fail to resolve the 80072EFE error. It puts you at the risk of erasing all existing data from your hard drive. Back up your data to avoid this occurrence.

NOTE: do this providing you don’t have a lot of knowledge on your laptop, as a result of it takes a time to pick backup of existing files and install your current application once more.

  • If you're higher windows ten, simply write “RESET computer” in Cortana search bar (windows start button search) and choose RESET PC from the results.

  • Then below the RESET computer, click on start button to proceed.There is 2 choices to hold your files and completely clean. (You should take backup of your desktop files, pictures, downloads, documents before continuing to completely clean.)

  • Once reset, you are about to do updates cleanly with none issue.

But if the problem still appears, don’t worry you have 2 solutions.

  1. Re-installing the OS.

  2. Download the windows update manually.

NOTE:  Your Windows product key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx). a web connection (internet service supplier fees might apply). ample knowledge storage offered on a laptop, USB or DVD for the download. A blank USB or DVD (and DVD burner) with a minimum of four GB of free space if you wish to make media. we tend to recommend hire blank USB or blank DVD, as a result of any content on it are deleted.



If the 80072EFE error still appears for your computer.I would recommend you to replace your hardware components. Particularly, hardware components relating to the runtime error 80072EFE.

Please do let us know if you face any trouble while fixing 800072EFE error through comments


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