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Spotify Error code 18 fixed in 5 easy ways

Spotify Error Code 18: Are you getting Spotify error code 18 in your Windows PC? Today in this post I am going to share some effortless ways in which you can fix error code 18. This is a common error many Windows users face and there are multiple ways in which we can resolve it. Thus, I have collected few most effective ways to fix this issue.

Why does Spotify error code 18 occur?

Most of the time Spotify error code 18 error happens due to failure in HTTPS page registration. This error happens due to an error in switch parameters or virus infection. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers may often show error code 18 in systems facing this issue. In some case, this issue will be displayed as error code 18 and will block you from loading any web page. The main reason behind Error code 18 is as below.

  • Operation timed out

  • Switch parameter issue

  • Virus infection

  • Browser application issue

Spotify Error code 18-min

Let’s quickly jump into the methods in which you can solve Spotify error code 18 permanently in less time.


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Methods to Fix Spotify error code 18

There diverse ways in which you can fix Spotify error code 18, and today I am going to share the most successful methods to fix this error. These are diverse types of troubleshooting steps and thus it is recommended to perform in the order as it is given. If you fix Spotify error code 18 in any of these steps, then you do not need to perform the further methods. Make sure, you have a backup of important files before you start this process.

Method 1: Scan for Malware in your PC to fix Spotify error code 18

There is high chance that your system may be infected with malicious code which might have corrupted your system files. Malwares are one of the main reason for Spotify error code 18. Another probability that error code 18 is related to a component (some files) of the malicious program itself. Use highly safe third-party Antivirus application to detect the malicious code in your system.

Once you are done with a complete system scan using an Antivirus program, delete the malicious code if detected during the scan. This should fix Spotify error code 18, now restart your system and check for the error.

Method 2: Check your device drivers to fix Spotify error code 18

Device drivers are programs which help your system to work efficiently with all its hardware parts. In some cases, Spotify error code 18 appears due to outdated device drivers. You will wonder that error in device drivers can happen suddenly on day irrespective of how it was working. But, it will be difficult to find which device drivers are outdated and find respective updates for it. In that case, you can use tools such as DriverDoc to do this task for you.

This tool will keep your dive drivers up to date with all latest updates and helps you to fix Spotify error code 18. Restart your system after your updates your device drivers to check whether Spotify error code 18 is appearing again.

Method 3: Use Disk Cleanup to fix Spotify error code 18

Every time we use our system for browsing some details, our system keeps all those details in a temporary files folder. These files when accumulated for long can slow down your system and trouble Spotify to work properly.  Thus, it is always recommended to clean your temporary files regularly which can fix Spotify error code 18 and to speed up your computer.

Windows OS comes with an inbuilt Disk Cleanup tool which can access using your command prompt. Let’s see the step by process to do this

  • Click Start button

  • Open the command prompt by typing “cmd” in search box. (Do not press Enter)

  • Now Press CTRL key + Shift + Enter

  • Select Yes now

  • Enter “cleanmgr” in the command line and press Enter

  • The tool will start running and will show the memory used by the junk files

  • Select the categories which you want to delete, (Most of the case Temporary Files takes more memory)


This step will clean all the junk files in your computer and avoid overloading in your PC hard drive. In most of the case, this method should fix Spotify error code 18.

Method 4: Use System Restore to Fix Spotify error code 18

In few cases, a recent update for your Windows OS can cause Spotify error code 18. Windows OS always have the freedom to restore your system back to the time which you wish. Removing the recent updates and taking your system back to a date is possible. Follow the below steps to perform this task.

  • Click the Windows Start Button

  • Type “System Restore” in search box

  • Press Enter

  • Click “System Restore” from the resultant screen

  • Provide the password for Administrator privilege if asked.

  • Follow the steps shown in the Wizard

  • Select a date

  • Restore your computer

  • Restart your PC after your successful system restore.


Method 5: Uninstall the Spotify Program to fix Spotify error code 18

There is a chance that Spotify error code 18 to occur which is related to a specific program. In this case, you need to remove that specific application to fix error 18.

  • Click Windows Strat button

  • Search for “Control Panel” in the search box.

  • Select Programs

  • Now choose Program and Features

  • Choose program associated with Spotify Error Code 18- (eg. Spotify) under the Name column.

  • Right Click and choose Uninstall

  • Follow the directions given in the screen to complete the task.


This method should fix Spotify error code 18 in your system.


Spotify error code 18 can happen in most of the Windows OS such as 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 ,8 and 10 versions. The above 5 methods should fix error code 18 in most of the cases. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error code 18 shares is welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.


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