Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Proven ways to increase AdSense impressions

An Ad Impression in the online advertising context is explained as a single visual impression made by a user on an ad displayed in a wb page. It does not count whether a user clicked on an ad on or not, instead of when it is displayed to a user it is counted as an impression. Thus you can make more money by increase Adsense impressions.

Even though there is some relation between Page impression and Ad impression, we don't need to be confused by both terms as they both are different metrics.

Your Adsense revenue depends on different metrics such as Click-thru Rate (CTR), Revenue per Click (RPC), and Revenue per Mille (RPM).The best and easy way to increase your income is by increase AdSense impressions.

In this article, I would like to share some easy and quick ways to increase AdSense impressions.

Add Social Bookmarking Buttons near Adsense Ads

Google AdSense use some algorithm which tracks the mouse movement of users.Placing social bookmarking button near Adsense Ads will increase Adsense impressions. This will keep your blog design more attractive and helps to increase the income.

Similarly, try to fill more blank spaces in your blog with ads without violating the Adsense policies

Slots above Fold

Depending on you blog design and template, you will have several ad slots on the page. You can consider adding few ad slots above the page fold. This will surely increase Adsense impressions and definitely more ads that are more visible to the users.

More Slots in the Page

Recently AdSense has updated its ad placement policies that a publisher can place as many numbers of ads he can but ads should not exceed the content.Thus you can try adding at least 3 link ads and Adsense ads units on every page which will increase the impressions.

If your template does not support any more slots, then try using some other templates which provide more ad slots.If you do not wish to change your template, you can even try suing some ad injector plugin.

Choose the Most Popular Ad Blocks

We know that Adsense provides many ad blocks which have different dimensions. Using the most common Adsense blocks will help you to increase Adsense impressions. Some advertisers only prefer to display their ads by suing some specific ad sizes. In addition to that using more big ad dimensions which have more competition will increase your revenue.

Some of the more popular ad sizes mentioned were:

  • Large Rectangle (336×280)

  • Leaderboard (728×90)

  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)

Increase Pageviews and/or Traffic to increase Adsense impressions

Finally, whatever ad slot you choose, the traffic or page views is the real king which decides your revenue.The more page views you have, the more Adsense ad impressions you will have assumed that all pages have ads.

Few popular ways in which you can increase traffic to your sites are more social media sharing, Search engine optimization, writing good quality content, optimized page, organized content, creating more internal page links etc

Generating more content pages and increasing the organic page views is the single best option available. This is both sustainable and enduring in the long run, but it is probably also the hardest.


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