Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Set Up a Gravatar account with WordPress

Every blogger knows how important it for commenting on other blog posts. In a way, you are expressing your expressing your views on another bloggers platform which help you to build a network with another fellow blogger. Thus, every blogger needs to have a free Gravatar account to display your image in every comment you place.

Why every blogger need to have a free Gravatar account?

Images help you to increase your brand awareness among the public. Similarly, it helps to bring new connections in social media and spread your profile. By default, WordPress will display below image for your profile.

Many new bloggers are not aware of free Gravatar account which helps you to display an image you wish as your profile image. In this article, I will share the steps to create a free Gravatar account in WordPress.

What is Gravatar account?

WordPress use to display your avatar for every public profile related to WordPress. You will get easily recognized by the readers when you place comments using gravatar account. This creates a trust among the reader and will help you get more followers. When people start following, you can convert them to traffic for your website. I strongly recommend every WordPress users to create a Gravatar account today itself.

By then end of this tutorial your comment profile will be like this.

Steps to add your profile picture in WordPress comment form?

1)Signup for a using your preferred email id by clicking on “Create Your Own Gravatar


2)If you do not have a WordPress account, enter your email address, username, and password and click on “Signup

3)If you already have a account then click on “I already have a account!

4)You will receive a confirmation email to your register email address and once you activate the link you will be signed into your Gravatar account. Click on the right corner icon near your email address displayed. Then click on “Add an Image”.


5)Select one option to upload your image.

6)Select your desired picture, crop it as per your wish and save.

Hurray, now for every comment you make on any WordPress site will display your image and you will get noticed by many people. We can change our avatar image as per our wish whenever needed from Gravatar account. I would recommend you maintain the same picture in your Twitter, Gravatar and Facebook account for easy identification by users.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty in creating your Gravatar account.

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