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How to get a high quality backlink from Wikipedia

Getting backlink from Wikipedia is a proud moment for every SEO expert because Wikipedia is one of the oldest free websites which has information about almost everything in this world.

Why is Backlink from Wikipedia very important?

You might have wonder why most of the time Google shows Wikipedia result in the first position of your search, right?

Because Google trusts Wikipedia data more than any other website details due to its domain authority. Wikipedia has an Alexa ranking of 5 in the world, so imagine how valuable it will be if you get a backlink from Wikipedia. A link from Wikipedia to any of your blog post will increase your search engine ranking and boost your traffic.

Since it is the most authoritative website in the world, it receives most of its traffic in the form of organic search. 40% of its traffic comes from search engine organic search.

The above picture shows the Wikipedia Alexa rank.

As per, around 7.5 billion monthly impressions are received by Wikipedia. As I mentioned earlier, getting backlinks from Wikipedia will not only improve you SEO but also boost your traffic.

It is a very easy to get backlinks from Wikipedia if you dedicate some time to finding dead links. In this article, I am going to teach you that effortless way to get quality backlinks from Wikipedia.


What type of backlinks you can get from Wikipedia

Since we all know how powerful Wikipedia is, there is nothing to wonder that Wikipedia has Page Rank 10 and Domain authority of 100. Thus, to avoid spam content for a backlink from Wikipedia, they have made Wikipedia a No follow link website. The link which you are going build from Wikipedia will be a No follow one.

SEO experts suggest that we should try to build a balance between the number of Do follow backlinks and No follow backlinks for a better search engine ranking. Consider your post is now in the second position of Google search result and you have similar backlinks of the post in the first position. In this case getting a backlink from high authoritative Nofollow link will increase your chance to get the first position in Google search.

Nofollow backlinks also have a very important part in your SEO, building only do follow might affect your SEO. To better understand the strength of Nofollow backlinks, you can read a story published by Moz blog on this.

Since many publishers use Wiki as a source of reference for their content, your Wikipedia backlinks will generate links from those publisher’s websites too. Isn’t that a good deal? With one backlink from Wikipedia, you are getting multiple backlinks which can be both do follow and no follow.

Ways to get backlink from Wikipedia

One of the famous ways to get backlinks is by middleman method founded by the author of

In this method, we need to find some dead links in some other sites which are pointing to post like your blog post. Once you find a dead link in a website, you can email the author of the site mentioning the dead link and request him to replace it with your blog link. In this way, you get a backlink and the author of the site get a dead link removed from his site.

Similarly, we need to find some dead links in Wikipedia which is related to your blog niche and suggest Wikipedia replace it with your link. Like every other site, Wikipedia doesn’t like having dead links in their site and thus you can access the wiki dead links using this page.

By adopting the above two methods, you can find broken external links in Wikipedia which gets your relevant traffic and backlink.

Steps to get Wikipedia backlinks.

Remember that Wikipedia will not suddenly let you edit a content on their site. Thus for that first, you need to build some trust from Wikipedia.

1)Create an account in Wikipedia

Every content you suggest for editing in Wikipedia will be gone for moderation by the team of the website. So, try to add some good contents to Wikipedia with your new account for 4 to 5 article to increase your account authority. Once you get some good credits, your edit suggestions will be easily accepted by Wiki.

2)So once you create an account, go to “Edit this article “option or by clicking on” Edit” the article source tab.

Backlink from Wikipedia

3)Take at least a week time by contributing data to Wikipedia regularly through your new account.

4)Find Broken links.

Now it’s time to do research on finding some broken links from Wikipedia related your blog niche.

Try searching the below query in Google search to find some broken links. “Enter Your Keyword” “dead link”

Or “Enter Your Keyword” “Citation Needed”

For example, the search first query as show below

Search query two as below

5) Now open the link in a new page and find the broken link using Cntrl + F, search “dead link” or “Citation needed” depending on which query you use in the earlier step.

6)Now you can see the Dead link highlighted in the reference part which links to external links.

7)Finally, we got a link to be replaced with your blog post.Since we are taking this much effort and time to perform this, we should make sure that our link has good quality.

Open Wayback Machine Archive in a different tab to find how the dead link used appear online. The archive is the best library of the internet which saves every page data and design in it. Even though when a page is removed from online, Archive will have its previous version in their library.



8)Click on Browse History to analyze how the web page used to appear.Once you click the option, you will get some result similar to the below picture.


9)Now check whether the older version of the page has data which suits your niche. If it’s there, now create a page in your blog like it. If not, you can continue searching for dead links which suit your niche.

10) Go back to your Wikipedia account and edit the reference section with your new page link. Wait for some time to pass moderation to get Wikipedia backlinks.

Hurray…... you got high authoritative backlink from Wikipedia.

We are not done….

We have reached our primary goal that is getting Wikipedia backlink, but we can use the broken link for one more purpose.

Additional use with the broken link

Use some online tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find other sites with broken link as external links in their domain.

For example, I am searching one broken link using Ahref’s site explorer to find those sites linking to it.I could see that nearly 126 external sites are pointing that particular page. Send an email to contact details of all those site authors regarding this as show bellow.



Just by spending some time and effort on finding some broken links from Wikipedia helped you to get a high-quality Wikipedia backlinks. I hope this article will be very handy for you and would like to hear from you about how it worked for you. Please share your experience via the below comment section.

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