Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to copy content from Right click disabled websites

We know that copying one person’s work is always wrong and Google punishes all the sites which have copied content. But, it is common among the bloggers to copy content from related sites and recreate in their own blog. Many bloggers use spin bots to produce duplicate content which is plagiarism free. Thus, to avoid copying contents, many websites disable the option to right click on their website page. These sites have HTML or Javascript enabled, which stops users from copying the content. In this article, I am going to share some tricks to copy content from right click disabled websites.

Ways to copy content from Right click disabled websites

1)Disable JavaScript in your browser

One of the most common ways which bloggers use to protect their contact from copying is by using a JavaScript. You might have visited some sites from where you need to copy some content for your study works or other purposes. In such sites, you will get a pop-up message saying “Right-Click on this site is disabled. Hold Ctrl key and click on the link to open in new tab”.

Thus, first, an easy method is disabling the JavaScript in your browser settings.

For Chrome users

1)Go Settings à Below “Privacy” click Content settings

2)Score down to JavaScript

3)Click on “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

4)Now click “Done

For Mozilla Firefox Users

From Mozilla Firefox version 23, the browser completely removed the UI to disable the JavaScript, thus we need to do some extra work.

1)Type about:config in Firefox’s address bar and press Enter.

2)Then click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!

3)Now In the search bar, enter” javascript.enabled.”

4Double click on the row of preference named “javascript.enabled” as shown in the below picture to change the value to False. Right click the preference named “javascript.enabled” and change the value to False.

Now you successfully disabled JavaScript

This trick will allow you to copy content from right click disabled websites. Once you are done with copying content, you can enable the JavaScript to default settings.

2)Using Chrome extensions or Firefox Add-ons

The easiest way to disable the JavaScript on any website. Using a chrome extension or Firefox Add-ons will help you to disable JavaScript only when you need. In case if you are using multiple tabs, the extension will disable the JavaScript only on the tab you need.

Chrome Extensions:

1)Allow Copy (Recommended)

2)Enable Right Click and Copy

Mozilla Firefox Addon

1)Enable Right Click and Copy

2)Policy control

I hope this trick will help you to copy content from right click disabled websites. Well using this technique to completely copy one website content is unethical and we encourage you to always give credit for the content you copy. Do you use any other extension or plugin to copy content from right click disabled websites? Do you also see this feature as bad user experience?


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