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Exception Error Code 0XC0000005 fixed

Error code 0XC0000005: Are you getting Exception Error code 0XC0000005 in your Window OS? Don’t worry it’s a common error faced by a vast number of Windows users. This error will stop your computer from taking your instructions. In a way, Error code 0XC0000005 will make your system slow and freeze.

Most of the time this error will be associated with a message that the application which you are trying to use is failed or terminated. In few cases, Error code 0XC0000005 will also appear when you install Windows OS. Below are the three situations in which you may face error 0XC0000005.

  • Installing a Windows OS

  • Installing a new Application.

  • Updating your OS or Application.

Windows 7 & 10 versions are most commonly affected by the Error code 0XC0000005.Today in this post, I am going to discuss in detail about error 0XC0000005 and the ways to fix it.

Why does Application Error code 0XC0000005 occur?

Error code 0XC0000005 does not represent a single reason, because it may appear due to multiple factors related to hardware or software installed. Following are few reasons for error 0XC0000005

  • Malicious code or virus infection in your PC

  • Corrupted system registry files

  • A problem with hardware configuration.

  • Third party Antivirus blocking some of your system files.

  • Outdated device drivers

Now that we understood the reason behind Error code 0XC0000005, let's quickly jump into the different methods in which you can fix this error.

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Methods to fix Error code 0XC0000005

Fixing Error code 0XC0000005 includes both easy and difficult steps and it completely depends on your system issue. I would recommend trying each method one by one and check for error after every step.

Method 1: Troubleshooting your Windows OS

As I mentioned earlier malicious codes may be the main reason for Error code 0XC0000005 to appear in your system. Thus, use a triparty antivirus to scan all your system files to check for any corrupted files. This is a basic step to analyze the reason for Error 0XC0000005.

Next, check whether all your applications are properly updates and if not try updating them. Try to restart the application which was showing Error code 0XC0000005 after this. Still, you getting the error?

Now lets troubleshoot your hardware devices, are there any new hardware device installed on your computer or any drivers are outdated. If so, update them all to the latest version available. As the last step in this method, try to use basic troubleshooter which appear along with the error code 0XC0000005. In most of the case, this will help you to fix the error.

Method 2: Repair System Files to fix Error 0XC0000005

There is a chance for corrupted files in your system due to installation and removal of an application on regular use. Corrupted files will also happen due to the use of malicious codes attached with some third-party applications. Restoring these files should help you to fix error code 0XC0000005.

Follow these steps to repair corrupted files

  • Click on Windows Start button

  • Search for “CMD” in you search box

  • Type “sfc/scannow” command prompt and hit enter

The system will start checking all your files and give a detail report on all files. The repair those files which are corrupted and check whether this fix Error code 0XC0000005.

Method 3: Reset your Internet Explore to fix Error 0XC0000005

Security setting related to your Internet Explorer can also be the main reason behind Error code 0XC0000005. Thus, check your IE settings.

  • Click Windows start button

  • Type “cpl” in search box and hit enter

  • Move on to “Security Tab” in the widget screen

  • Reset the settings to default.

Resting your Internet Explorer security settings should fix Error code 0XC0000005, if not move on to next method.

Method 4: Disable your Computer Proxy to fix Error 0XC0000005

Every Windows OS has its own proxy setting which can also cause error code 0XC0000005. Thus, try to disable the proxy settings by following the below steps

  • Open the command prompt by typing “cmd” in Windows search box.

  • Enter “netsh winhttp import proxy source = ie” in the command line and hit enter.

If you are getting a message displaying that you have dined access this means you need to disable the proxy setting.

  • Launch IE application (Internet Explorer)

  • Click on “Tools” tab

  • Select “Internet Options”

  • Under Connections tab Choose “LAN Settings”.

  • Select “Use a proxy server for your LAN”

  • Enter a Proxy server address

  • Type port number

  • Click “Ok” to save the changes.

This will disable the proxy setting and should fix Error code 0XC0000005.

Method 5: System Restore to fix Error code 0XC0000005

In case the above 4 methods cannot fix error code 0XC0000005 on your computer, then you should go for system restore. System restore will help you to return your system back to the time when every application was running perfectly. Follow these steps to perform a system restore.

  • Click the Windows Start Button

  • Type “System Restore” in search box

  • Press Enter

  • Click “System Restore” from the resultant screen

  • Provide the password for Administrator privilege if asked.

  • Follow the steps shown in the Wizard

  • Select a date

  • Restore your computer

  • Restart your PC after your successful system restore.

After successful system restores check for error code 0XC0000005 to make sure that your system is restored perfectly. This is final way to perform if all other 4 methods didn’t give any positive response for you.

Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error code 0XC0000005, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.



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