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Error code 800F0902 fix -Windows update error

Error code 800F0902: Are you trying to install the new Windows OS updates? Getting an Error code 800F0902 which stops you from installing the updates? This is a common error which users face while they trying to update their OS. Error Code 800F0902 is most reported by Windows 7 users.

In this article, we will learn how to fix Error Code 800F0902 in Windows 7 by three different methods. These three methods are easy to do perform as they are different forms of Windows troubleshooting techniques. The error also occurs in Windows 8 and 10 versions too. It is important to know the reason behind this error.

error code 800F0902.

Why does error code 800F0902 happen?

Even though there are several reasons for error code 800F0902, I have collected the most common reason for this error which are

  • Systems with corrupted file.

  • An issue with Windows update service.

  • No or slow internet connection.

  • An issue with Windows Installer service.

  • Other application wrongly deleted the Windows update files

Since we have discussed the main reasons for error code 800F0902, now let’s move to diverse ways in which you can fix this issue.

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How to fix error code 800F0902?

There are three diverse ways in which you can fix error code 800F0902 in Windows 7. It is recommended to perform the methods one by one and no need to continue the next steps once you fix it.

Method 1: Fix error code 800F0902 by Modifying the Software Distribution Folder

You Windows 7 PC has a software distribution folder which you need to modify. Before you head towards modifying, you need to stop the Windows Update service. Follow the below steps to do this using the command prompt.

  • Click Start

  • Select “All Programs Accessories

  • Right click and open Command Prompt by selecting Run as Administrator

  • In command line type “net stop wuauserv” (This command will temporarily block the Windows updater)

  • Now in command line type “ren c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old”

Note – The above command will rename the software distribution folder

  • Type “net start wuauserv” and enter

Note- The above command will start Windows update service again.

  • Type Exit to close the command prompt.

This method should fix error 800F0902 in most of the cases. Now you can try updating the OS by again checking for updates. You still facing the error, then jump to method 2.

Method 2: Fix error code 800F0902 by resetting the Windows Installer Module

You need to reset the Windows Installer Module to fix error code 800F0902 in this method. Follow below steps to perform this operation.

  • Click on Windows Start Button

  • In search box type msc

  • You will see a list of services opened in a new screen

  • Select “Windows Modules Installer” as shown below

error code 800F0902.

  • Open its properties

  • Move to General tab

  • Select Stop

  • Now click Start

The above steps will reset your Windows Installer Module and this should fix error code 800F0902. Try to update your Windows 7 installer and check whether you are getting an error.

Method 3: Scan with SFC tool to fix error code 800F0902

There is some chance for your system files to get corrupted which will stop you from updating your OS. In this method, we are going to use SFC tool to check whether all systems files running perfectly. This is an easy step which you can perform directly from your command prompt.

Follow these steps to perform SFC scan

  • Open Command Prompt by right clicking à Command (from Start Menu) [Open with Admin privilege]

  • In the command line type sfc/scannow

This command will check for all system files and it takes some time to finish the search. Once if the tool comes across some error files, it repairs them. This method should fix error code 800F0902.


The above three methods should solve error code 800F0902 for most of the cases. If you find any other ways to easily fix error code 800F0902 please do share with us. Restart your system after successfully installing the latest updates. It is recommended keep the back file of all important files to keep your data safe while you fix error code 800F0902.



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