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Error code 0XC1900200 Couldn't Install Windows 10 Fixed

Error code 0XC1900200: Are you trying to upgrade your current Windows OS to Windows 10 version? Are you getting Error code 0XC1900200? Don’t worry, in this post I will share some useful methods in which you can fix this error. The two main reason for 0XC1900200 is either your computer is not compatible with Windows 10 OS version or you are facing some firewall issue.

I am going to share your how to tackle this issue by finding the real reason which your system is facing 0XC1900200 error and how to resolve it. The error message displayed in your system will clearly state that your system cannot support or install the Windows 10 with the error code 0XC1900200.

Error code 0XC1900200

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How to fix Error code 0XC1900200?

There are 5 diverse ways in which you can fix Error code 0XC1900200, which you need to be done one my one to see which will work for you.

Method 1: Disable your Antivirus to fix Error code 0XC1900200

Most of the users will be using an Antivirus software to protect your system from malware. An antivirus checks every file of a new program which you are trying to install. There are chances for your antivirus to detect the Windows 10 upgrade files to be marked as untrusted. This makes your antivirus to block Windows installer since it is being detected as malware and you get Error code 0XC1900200.

Every antivirus comes with a disable button which you can access depending on the application interface. I would recommend you disable your antivirus application until you finish your Windows 10 upgradations process. This will help you to fix Error code 0XC1900200 and upgrade your current Windows OS to the latest version 10. You can enable your antivirus back after your upgradations process.

Method 2: Disable your firewall to fix Error code 0XC1900200

You have tried the method 1 but still, your system is showing error code 0XC1900200, then you need to disable your firewall. Follow below steps to disable your firewall.

  • Open the run window from your start menu or press Windows

  • Type cpl and enter

  • Now click on “Turn Windows firewall on or off

Error code 0XC1900200

  • Now choose “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)”

Error code 0XC1900200

  • Choose the same option for Public network setting too.

  • Click “Ok” and save the setting

Now try updating your windows OS and check whether you are getting Error code 0XC1900200. Once you are done installing Windows 10, perform the above steps and turn on firewall back.

Method 3: Check your System configuration to fix Error code 0XC1900200

If it’s not a firewall issue, then it could your system which doesn’t meet the system requirement to install Windows 10 is the reason for error code 0XC1900200. Every OS has a minimum hardware and driver requirements to perform well. Thus, sometimes systems with low specifications will be stopped from installing higher version.

I would suggest you install Windows 10 installation app which will check your system requirement to know whether your system can support Windows 10 OS. Once you install the options click on “Check your PC “under “Getting upgrade” to check your system. If your application does not meet the requirements it would be better you upgrade your computer to new hardware.

The below specification would help you to check the requirement manually.

  • 1 Ghz processor

  • Display resolution of 800x600

  • Minimum 16 Gb free storage for 32-bit with 1Gb Ram

  • Or Minimum 21 Gb for 64 bit systems with 2Gb RAM

It is advisable to check your driver version to fix Error code 0XC1900200. Sometimes your WDDM driver and DirectX version tab display whether your computer meets those requirements.

Method 4: Make some additional storage space to fix Error code 0XC1900200

Your system meets all the requirements, but still showing error code 0XC1900200. In this case, you might need to create some additional space storage space to install the Windows 10 version.

Follow these steps to create some storage space easily

  • Open Search bar from Windows menu/ Windows + Q

  • Type “disk cleanup” and enter

  • A new window will pop-up.

  • Select “Local disk with current operating system”

  • Now click “clean”

Now your system will take some time and display detailed analysis of how your storage is used. You can remove the unwanted data from your storage and create some free space for the installation.

Delete the unwanted data by selecting the respective one from the storage data and choose to delete. This will help you top install the new OS and fix error code 0XC1900200.

Method 5: Upgrade your Computer Hardware to fix Error code 0XC1900200

There is a chance that your system hardware configuration does not meet the Windows 10 minimum requirements. In that case, you may need to upgrade the respective under configured hardware to fix error code 0XC1900200.

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The above 5 different methods will help you to resolve error code 0XC1900200 easily and you can upgrade your current OS to new Windows 10. Remember to keep a backup of your important data before performing this step. I hope this post to resolve error code 0XC1900200 will help you. I would like to hear from you on your experience and any other methods if any to fix error code 0XC1900200.

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