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Error Code 0XC0000225 [Easy fix] 5 ways

Error code 0XC0000225 is one kind of boot issue which most of the Windows operating system faces. A Windows OS works under a smooth and clear boot path. Any obstacles or disturbance in the boot bath will affect the smooth working of an operating system. In Windows, such kind of interferences indicated to the user in the form of error code 0XC0000225. An error code 0XC0000225 will be represented to you with an information on where the problem lies.

Error code 0XC0000225 is common booting error in Windows OS accompany with a message “Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible”. You will see a dreaded blue screen with the error message in this case. In some cases, the error message will be “An unexpected error has occurred, Your PC needs to be repaired Error code: 0xc0000225.

There is a high chance to see error code 0XC0000225 immediately after an upgradation from recent version in Windows 7,8 and 10. There is another chance that your upgradation happens without any error and your system runs perfectly for few days. After few days, your system will fail to start due to error code 0XC0000225.

Unified Extensible Firmware(UEFI) is common reason for error code 0XC0000225 with hard disks that work on GPT (GUID Partition Table) schema. There is a less chance for MBR (Master Boot Record) schema which is associated with BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

The reason for using UEFI is its booting time is lesser than that of MBR schema. Error code 0XC0000225 happens when the system gets confused on which schema its should adapt.

Major symptoms which arise before error code 0XC0000225 are trouble in starting and shutting down, regular freezes and a decrease in system speed.

Error Code 0XC0000225

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How to Fix Error code 0XC0000225

As I mentioned earlier, there are different methods which you can adapt to resolve this error depending on your computer OS version.

Method 1- Fix Error code 0XC0000225 using Run Startup repair tool

One of the most effective methods to resolve error 0XC0000225 code is using Run Startup Repair tool. This tool will check your system for any error file and update the details in BCD. It is best to use this tool for those systems which fail to boot from installation media.

  • Place your OS installation media in the right drive port.

  • Shutdown your system

  • Start your system (Do not perform restart)

  • Select your preferred language

  • Choose your keyboard options

  • Select “Repair my computer”

  • Allow Run Startup tool to scan your system files

  • Select “Startup Repaid”

The tool will take some time and it will fix error code 0XC0000225 by itself. Restart your system once the tool fic the error and check whether error code 0XC0000225 got fixed.

Method 2: Fixing error code 0XC0000225 using Troubleshooting

You need to adopt troubleshooting the error code 0XC0000225 using command prompt which is like earlier method. I would recommend you to perform this method if you are using a UEFi hard disk.

  • Place your OS installation media in the right drive port.

  • Shutdown your system

  • Start your system

  • Before the Windows logo appears, press any key

  • Choose your preferred language.

  • Choose your preferred keyboard options

  • Select “Repair my computer”

  • Select “Troubleshooter” option.

  • Click à “Advanced Options”

  • Click à “Command Prompt”

  • Type “diskpart” and click enter

  • Choose ESP and hit enter

  • Assign a letter to the new volume

  • Click “Exit”

  • You will be returned to the commanded prompt back

  • Type “ bcdC:\windows/s Z:/f UEFI

  • Hit enter

  • UEFI environment boot files will open

  • Restart your system.

In most of the case this method will resolve error code 0XC0000225.

Method 3: Disable Antivirus to fix error code 0XC0000225

There is high chance of error code 0XC0000225 to occur due to your antivirus which may detect system files as malware. In such case disabling your antivirus will help you to fix this error.

  • Place your OS installation media in the right drive port.

  • Shutdown your system

  • Start your system (Do not perform restart)

  • Select your preferred language

  • Choose your keyboard options

  • Select “Repair my computer”

  • Select “Troubleshooter”

  • Click on “Advanced options”

  • Now click on “Startup Settings”

  • Then click on “Disable early launch anti-malware protection

Once you are done with these steps, now restart your system. In this case you are stopping the auto launch option of your antivirus which should fix error code 0XC0000225.

Method 4: Delete the empty partitions

An empty partition in your system is a wastage of memory it may confuse the OS.This leads to error code 0XC0000225.

  • Click on “Start” button

  • Select “Control Panel”

  • Select “Manage Your Computer Settings”

  • Search empty partition if any

  • Delete those empty partition.

Restart your system and check whether this method fixed error 0XC0000225.

Method 5: Replace your Hard disk 

In the worst case above 4 methods didn’t solve your error 0XC0000225 means there is high chance that your hard disk is damaged. It is better you replace your hard disk with a new one to improve your performance and boot issues.

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Error code 0XC0000225 happens in most of the Windows OS after an OS upgradations or update. It is advised to keep a backup of all your data which helps you from trouble due to hard disk replacement. Perform a complete formatting of your hard disk before installation to fix error code 0XC0000225.


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