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Error code 0XC0000185 Your computer needs to be repaired

Error code 0XC0000185: Are you getting an error code 0XC0000185 when you start your Windows OS in dead blue screen? This a common Windows error which OS versions, 7,8 and 10 users have reported. Error code 0XC0000185 will have a message attached to it saying, “Your computer needs to be repaired”. You may see this message in different forms depending on your OS versions.

Error code 0XC0000185 indicates that your system cannot access the important OS files in hard drive to start. This means the communication between your OS and hard disk has been lost. Windows OS install all its files in a destination in the hard disk. Thus, every time during it needs to access those files while starting the application. Windows 8 and 8.1 users are most reported with this error followed by OS versions 7 and 10.

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Why does Error code 0XC0000185 occur?

There are multiple reasons for error code 0XC0000185 among them below are the main reasons.

  • Damage or error in hard disk

  • Corrupted boot files

  • Poor connection between hard drive and OS.

Now that we have discussed common reasons for this error and this does not mean that you cannot use your computer anymore. There are many ways in which you can fix this error and bring you system back to working condition.

Methods to fix Error Code 0XC0000185

Follow these methods in the order which it is given to try which method will suit your case. It is mandatory to continue the remaining methods once you fix error code 0XC0000185.

Method 1: Check the connection for Hard disk to fix Error code 0XC0000185

As I mentioned earlier an improper connection between the CPU and hard drive may result in this error. Thus, make sure that the wire connection for hard drives is a proper condition. Similarly, check all memory cards and expansion cards are fixed perfectly in their slots. Once you are done checking these things, see whether the error code 0XC0000185 disappeared. If not, then move on to the next method.

Method 2: Troubleshoot to fix Error code 0XC0000185

If the above method didn’t work for you, you can try Windows troubleshooter to fix error code 0XC0000185.Follow these steps

  • Connect a recovery media to your PC.

  • Choose the recovery media as a boot option.

  • Click next on the wizard screen

  • Now choose the option “Repair the computer”

  • From “Advanced Startup” à Select “Troubleshoot”

  • Click on the option “Automatic Repair”

In this way, you Windows OS will start recovering your system files to repair by itself. This should fix error code 0XC0000185. If this does not work for you, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Check Hard drive to fix Error code 0XC0000185

Since the above two methods didn’t fix error code 0XC0000185, it is sure that there is no problem with the connection between CPU and hard drive, and no corrupted system files. Now let’s check whether your hard drive has any internal issue

  • Click on Windows Start button

  • Type “cmd” in the search box to open a command prompt.

  • Then type chkdsk/R in the command line and hit enter

This command will initiate a complete system file scan and you will have addressed with any error if there. Now restart your system to see if you get error code 0XC0000185.

Method 4: Perform a system restore to fix Error code 0XC0000185.

In few cases, a recent update for your Windows OS can cause error code 0XC0000185. Windows users always have the freedom to restore the system back to the time which you wish. Removing the recent updates and taking your system back to a date is possible. Follow the below steps to perform this task.

Note – this step may erase your recent files which are created after the restore date which you going to provide.

  • Connect a recovery media to your PC.

  • Before the Windows logo appears press F12(This key change for a different brand) repeatedly.

  • Choose the recovery media as boot option

  • Now click “Next” as displayed in the window.

  • Choose “Repair your computer” from resultant screen

  • Select “Troubleshoot”

  • Now select “Advanced options”

  • Then select “Restore” and follow the instruction given on the screen.

Restart your PC after your successful system restore. This should fix the error code 0XC0000185 and your system boot without any issue.

Method 5: Install a fresh Windows OS to fix Error code 0XC0000185

This method is your final option as you couldn’t fix error code 0XC0000185 using the above methods. This will erase your data and system settings related your OS which is stored in the partition where you have installed you OS. If you don’t have a separate partition for your OS files, then you will lose all your data and thus make sure that you keep a backup of all files. Most of the case, an error related your hard drive will be the main reason for this error. Installing a fresh OS for this error is a final option.

The above three methods will help you to fix error code 0XC0000185 in effortless ways. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to this error , shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading



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