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Error Code 0XC00000E9 - 6 Easy ways to fix

Error code 0XC00000E9  As we know every Windows operating system depend on installed programs and set of files for its operation. Anything which alter or damage to these applications or file will lead to a system error. Error code 0XC00000E9 is one such kind of error which results error such as your system gets a freeze.

What is Error Code 0XC00000E9?

Error code 0XC00000E9 happens due to a hard disk error. Your system might have faced some error while installing your Windows OS or after some time of your installation. Some cases it will happen even if you didn’t perform any OS installation for past few months, but due to some internal issue, this can happen. Most of the Windows users experience Error code 0XC00000E9 at the time of starting your system.

The error message will differ from users depending on your Windows OS versions. Most common error message which most of the users receive is

Recovery, There was a problem with a device Connected to your PC”.

 “An Unexpected I/O Error has occurred”

Both the above error message points to Error code 0XC00000E9.

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Why does Error code 0XC00000E9 occur?

There are multiple reasons for receiving this error which are

  • Corrupted or wrongly configured registry files

  • Your System has outdated drivers

  • Damaged or old hard disk

  • Error occurred during your previous Windows update

  • Hard disk connection loosens

  • Use of corrupted or faulty DVD or USB as a source of installing your windows OS.

error code 0xc00000e9

Methods to fix Error code 0XC00000E9

There are different methods which you can adopt to fix Error code 0XC00000E9 which depends on your system configuration and OS version. Thus, in this post, I am sharing you 5 different methods to fix Error code 0XC00000E9 which is popularly adopted by most of the users. It is recommended to perform these methods one by one and you don’t need to go to the next step once you fix the error.

METHOD 1 – FIX Error code 0XC00000E9 using Basic Troubleshooter

I would recommend all users to perform basic troubleshooter as an initial step for any kind of errors you face in your system. This will help you to analyze whether every drivers and device are working properly. As I said earlier error code 0XC00000E9 happens most of the time due to hard disk related issues.

The error message screen shot which I shared above shows the file directory as File:\Boot\BCD with Error code 0XC00000E9. This shows that some error happened with your boot device or file. So first check whether our SDD storage or Hard disk is properly connected.

If your hard disk is working fine, then now we need to check whether all your hardware drivers are properly updated.

In case if your system can boot, then you can scan PC using Driver Agent which helps to check all drivers. Driver agent will help you to download drivers if your system requires any updates. This reduces your effort and can fix it in brief period.

Method 2: Checking your System files to fix Error code 0XC00000E9

As I discussed earlier, corrupted system file or registry can be a reason for error code 0XC00000E9 which stops your PC to boot Windows OS. Thus, you need check all your system files are properly configured.

To ease this process, you can use Total System Care application which will scan your system for error files. Remember you can perform this step only if you could boot your system in the first step. This application will help you to fix error code 0XC00000E9 with less effort.

Method 3: Run disk check to fix error code 0XC00000E9

Running a disk check will help you to find whether your hard disk is working properly. Thus, perform a disk check run any to see if there is any error showing up.

Follow these steps to perform disk desk which will help you to resolve error code 0XC00000E9.

  • Insert a Windows OS installation USB/Disk

  • Restart the system

  • Boot the OS from installation disk

  • Select your preferred language

  • Now click à repair the computer

  • Choose an OS which you want to install

  • Under System Recovery Options, open Command prompt

  • Type “chkdsk/f” and enter

Now, your system will be scanned which may take a long time. Please make sure that you keep a backup of all your important files as there is a chance to lose during this step. Once the tool has successfully completed the check, restart your PC to check whether this method has fixed error code 0XC00000E9.

Method 4 - Resolve error code 0XC00000E9 by Changing BIOS settings

Another suggested method to resolve error code 0XC00000E9 is changing your BIOS settings. You need to change your setting to default BIOS settings.

  • Restart your system

  • Continuously press DEL, F2 or F10 key (Key differs for different PC models and manufacturers)

  • You will see BIOS setting now.

  • Choose “Load Optimal Defaults”

  • Move to hard disk settings

  • Click “Advanced”

  • Change the setting to IDE or AHCI

  • Click save

  • Reboot your system again

Make sure that you try IDE or AHCI each time to check whether either of them resolves error code 0XC00000E9.If IDE fails, try AHCI and vice versa

Method 5 - Fix error code 0XC00000E9 by system restore.

As I mentioned earlier please make sure that you keep a backup of your data before performing a system restore. You might get some time before the error code 0XC00000E9 pop up on your screen, you need to utilize this time to perform a system restore. In some case, the error code 0XC00000E9 appears soon after your system screen appears, in that case, you need to perform the next method.

  • Open Windows search option

  • Type “System Restore”

  • Select a date when your system worked without any issue

  • Click enter

System restore will take some time to perform and it will restore your setting until the date you have got error code 0XC00000E9. In most of the time, this method will solve your error and system will run normally without any error.

Method 6 – Install a fresh Windows OS

If the above 5 methods didn’t perform well for you, then I would recommend you install fresh Windows OS. Please use your Windows original key and OS DVD/Flash drive to install the application. This will take some time to complete the process. Remember you will lose all data which you don’t have a backup.

Video to Fix Windows 10 Error code 0XC00000E9



Error code 0XC00000E9 is a common error which many Windows users face due to misconfiguration of system files or due to hard disk issue. The above 6 methods will surely help you to solve this issue and get your system back to work. I would suggest you perform regular Windows OS updates, driver updates and use of Antivirus will help to keep your system clean. If you have solved error code 0XC00000E9 issue using any other method, please do let me know via the comments.

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