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Error code 0XC000000F fixed in 2 easy steps

Error code 0XC000000F: Are you getting a dead blue screen with error code 0XC000000F? Don’t be panic this is a very rare error which Windows users experience. This error indicated that your computer is not running perfectly and it need a problem to be fine as soon as possible. Your Windows OS works due to combined effort of many application and their files. An error happened to any of them may disturb the smooth working of your computer.

Most of the cases, error code 0XC000000F appear when your Windows boot manager has some issues. Thus, you might experience error code 0XC000000F when starting your system in most of the cases. Each time when your operating system tries to load it reads some boot information. 0XC000000F error represents that your system cannot read its boot information which leads to the appearance of a blue screen. Your screen will display a message to repair your system at the earliest possible time.

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Why does error code 0XC000000F occur?

Few reasons which stop your system from not reading the boot information are as follows

  • PC hardware damaged

  • Improper shutdown which corrupted some system files

  • Malicious codes or a power outage caused corruption in the boot sector.

  • Power outage or regular improper shutdown damaged your hard drive

Methods to fix error code 0XC000000F

Since there are four major reasons for error code 0XC000000F to occur in your system, the methods to fix this issue will also change between computers. You need to try both the methods to see which fixes your issue. The method which works best for you represents your system issue.

The steps instructed in these methods are almost same for every Windows OS, some steps will change depending on your OS version.

Method 1: Disconnect peripheral hardware to fix error code 0XC000000F

Your system will be connected to with multiple hardware components. To identify whether any hardware not working properly follow these steps

  • Except mouse and keyboard remove all your hardware components.

  • Remove external memory drives like DVDs, USB and all portable drives from their ports.

  • Restart your system now.

Now check whether you are getting error code 0XC000000F. If don’t get any error, then identify which hardware is behind the error.

Method 2: Start your Computer using Bootrec.exe to fix error code 0XC000000F

Bootrec.exe is an inbuilt utility available in every Windows. You need to use a USB drive or DVD to perform this method. This tool will repair issues related to boot files and will try to configure boot configuration data (BCD). BCD controls the launch process in Windows OS.

  • Connect a USB or DVD will installation file in appropriate drive

  • Restart your system

  • Reboot the system

  • Press any key if you are asked to do so

  • Select keyboard, time, date, language and currency and press Next

  • Choose the Windows OS to be repaired

  • Under “System Recovery Option” open “Command Prompt”

  • Enter “bootrec.exe” in the command line

  • Press enter key

This process will take some to finish, will repair BCD and computer will restart after this process. It should fix error code 0XC000000F and your system will boot without any error.

You can also perform the above process in an alternative step which is as given below

  • Connect a USB or DVD will installation file in appropriate drive

  • Restart your system

  • Press “R” key (Changes of different makers) to reboot before Windows logo appears

  • Select “Troubleshoot”

  • Click “Command Prompt.

  • Enter “bootrec/FixMbr” in command line and run

  • Then type “bootrec/FixBoot” in command line and run

  • Now type “bootrec/ScanOs” and run

  • Finally, type “bootrec/RebuildBcd” and run

This should fix error code 0XC000000F as it will try to rebuild the BCD by itself.

The above three methods will help you to fix error code 0XC000000F in effortless ways. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error code 0XC000000F, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.


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