Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Error code 0X80072EE7 fixed- “The server has stumbled”

Error code 0X80072EE7: Are you getting an error code 0X80072EE7 on your Windows OS? Don’t be panic, this is a common error which many Windows users face. This error is experienced in Windows Vista,7,8,8.1 and 10 OS versions. Among them, Windows 10 users are most affected by error code 0X80072EE7.

Error code 0X80072EE7 appears with a message “We couldn’t connect to the server” or “The server has stumbles”. Sometimes you may even receive this message saying, “You don’t have an internet connection” even if you are connected to the internet. This error is related to your Microsoft Windows Store.

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Why does error code 0X80072EE7 occur?

This is an unexpected error for every Windows users which you may encounter while using Microsoft Windows Store or some other applications. The below few can be reasons behind this error for your system

  • System affected by malicious programs

  • Windows Defender is missing some files / not properly installed

  • Windows Defender is outdated.

  • You wrongly removed Windows Defender files

Now that we have discussed the reasons behind the error code 0X80072EE7, let see some other issues which you will encounter related to this error.

  • Appearance of dead blue screen

  • Not able to uninstall applications.

  • Your system speed decrease and take a long time take inputs.

  • Windows programs crash regularly.

  • Windows update failure

  • The system completely freezes for some time.

Above few instances are like a warning signal for error code 0X80072EE7. Let’s jump to the ways in which you can fix this error easily.

Methods to fix error code 0X80072EE7

There are multiple ways in which you can fix error code 0X80072EE7 and in this post, I have shared some popular and most successful methods to perform. I would recommend following steps in the order which it is given to save your time. It is not mandatory to follow the remaining steps once you fix the error using a method.

Method 1: Use SCF tool to fix error code 0X80072EE7

Use the Windows inbuilt system file checker tool to scan for a corrupted file. This is one of the simplest methods to fix error code 0X80072EE7. Follow these steps

  • Click on Windows Home button

  • In search box type “CMD”

  • Press Ctrl+shift and open the command prompt

  • Now type “SCF/scannow” in the command line and hit enter

  • Tool will start checking for corrupted files

Wait for some time until the scan finish. This method should fix error code 0X80072EE7.Restart your system and see if the error disappeared. If not, move to the next step

Method 2: Malware scan to fix error code 0X80072EE7

Sometimes your PC may be affected by some malicious code which results in error code 0X80072EE7. Thus, scan your complete system files using an Antivirus program. This will take some time to finish, and remove the malicious codes from your PC if you have any. If you feel your antivirus program is not affective, then try with more efficient one. Restart your system after this and see if you are getting error code 0X80072EE7. If yes, then move on to the next method.

Method 3: Check DNS server configuration to fix error code 0X80072EE7

You have high chance to get error code 0X80072EE7 if your DNS server is not configured right. To check this, follow these steps

  • Click on Windows Home button

  • Type “Control Panel “in search box

  • Then navigate to àNetwork and Internet àNetwork and Sharing Center

  • Click on “Change adapter settings”

  • Select your “Internet Connection from the list”

  • Right click and open the properties

  • Now click on“Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

  • Open the properties of the above selection

  • Make sure the DNS Server is and Alternate DNS is and save

Restart your PC and this method should fix error code 0X80072EE7. If not move to the next method.

Method 4: Repair the registry to fix error code 0X80072EE7

Error code 0X80072EE7 may happen because your systems registry files are corrupted. Since our previous method didn’t show any positive response, you would need to do it manually. Remember, manual registry repair should only be performed by an expert to avoid errors. You can use some third party tool to check for your registry file and repair it my itself.

Method 5: Re-install your Windows Store

Since the above methods didn’t resolve error code 0X80072EE7 on your system, reinstalling your Windows store will be a final option left. Please make sure that your PC settings (time, date and zone) synchronized with correct zone setting.

Since Windows Store is an inbuilt application, it is not easy to uninstall the application so easy. Thus, please follow below steps to perform this method. You need to use PowerShell or third party tool to perform this action.

  • Click on Windows Home button

  • In search box type “Windows Powershell” and open it with Admin privilege

  • To find the Windows Store App type “Get-Appxpackage-Allusers in the PowerShell screen.

  • Now copy (Ctrl + c / right click and copy) the Windows store application path.

  • Paste this command “Add-AppxPackage-register” (The path)”.-DisableDevelopmentMode". For example Add-AppxPackage-register”E:/Program Files\WindowsApps\”.-DisableDevelopmentMode

  • This will command will help you to reinstall the Windows Store

Restart your PC and this should fix error code 0X80072EE7 on your PC. The above methods will help you to fix error code 0X80072EE7 in effortless ways. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to this error, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading


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