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Error code 0X800706B5: the ultimate guide to fix it!

Windows error code 0X800706B5: This is one of the most common errors on Windows 10 –It appeared on W10 OS users screens just months after it was released –but it can also occur frequently in other versions.

Windows error code 0X800706B5 is an update error. The error pop-up window usually appears at computer restart, when a user is trying to perform an update and when a user is accessing to a portable storage device. There’s no a specific cause for error code 0X800706B5, but let’s see the most common ones:

  1. Presence of viruses, malware or spyware

  2. Pending uninstalled updates

  3. OS installation failure

  4. Update files not properly downloaded, wrongly configured or missed

  5. Other issues referred to Windows online services

Error code 0X800706B5

Ways to fix the error code 0X800706B5

There are different ways in which you can fix error code 0X800706B5.First of all scan your device in order to discard any virus, spyware or malware present in your system. Also, if you have any program or application to scan your Windows Registry to search and fix Windows Registry problems you can use it as well. If the problem remains, continue with the following:

Method 1: Install pending updates to fix error code 0X800706B5

Generally, when an update is ready to be installed, you’ll see a yellow shield in the “shut down” button of the start menu. If it’s so, proceed to shut down the computer in order OS perform the update process. If not, you can access the Windows Update menu following this path:

Windows Key>Control Panel>System & Security>Windows Update.

After clicking on this, the main window will indicate if there some update waiting to be installed. Click on it to begin the installation process.

“If Windows says that your system is up to date, but you’re still not sure, you may check this by clicking the Search for Updates option.

Some updates require a system restart. After this process error code, 0X800706B5 should disappear. If it’s still on, let’s continue:

Method 2 Perform the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix error code 0X800706B5

Use this path to access to Windows search Windows Key>Search. Once there, type troubleshooting and press enter. From the list appeared select Fix Problems with Windows Update or Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Let the system performs all the process. Within this you may be asked to take actions, so be pending on it. After this, verify that error code 0X800706B5 has been fixed (make something that made the error occurred in the past).

Method 3: Restore Windows Update to fix error code 0X800706B5

If at this point you have no fix for the error code 0X800706B5, you must restore the Windows Update Services. Following, there are two methods to perform this. Please select one and one only of both, let’s see them;

Solution 1

  • Open your web browser and go to

  • Click on the search button on top (the magnifying glass icon)

  • Search for “Windows Update Troubleshooter”

  • Download the appropriate version of both options, according to your Windows version

  • After downloading, run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions

  • After all the fixing process is performed, verify if there’s nomore error code 0X800706B5

Solution 2

  • Open a “run” prompt (right click on Windows button and select)

  • Type msc and press enter

  • Locate the following: “Microsoft Update Services”, “Background Intelligent Transfer service” and “Cryptographic services”

  • On each one, double click on it, and select stop on prompted menu

  • Now, go to C: Windows\SoftwareDistribution\

  • Delete all files in this folder

  • Open the “run” prompt and execute msc again

  • Relocate the “Microsoft Update Services”, “Background Intelligent Transfer service” and “Cryptographic services” again

  • On each double click and select start on prompted menu

  • Close all, restart the device and run Windows Update (it will perform like never done before)

  • After updates, check if error code is fixed

Method 4: Perform a “Clean Boot” of the system to fix error code 0X800706B5

This method allows you to run Windows on your device, without loading the associated Microsoft programs and services. To perform this solution you must be logged as admin as well. First, open a “run” prompt –as described before –and type tskmgr, followed by entering key. Now select “startup” tab on prompt. There, you must disable all startup applications.

Second, open a “run” prompt again. Now type msconfig and press enter. There, go to the Microsoft services table and select to disable all. After this, you must restart and verify that error code 0X800706B5 has disappeared.

Method 5: Verify for bad sectors on storage device to fix error code 0X800706B5

Sometimes, the error code 0X800706B5 occurs because files are stored on damaged sectors. In this case, proceed as follows:

  1. Right click on Windows button and select command prompt

  2. Type sfc /scannow followed by enter

  3. Let the system perform the scan and fix sector issues

  4. After the procedure, error code 0X800706B5 should be fixed.

  5. If system fails repairing corrupted files, you should replace it with the correct version, stored in a backup copy at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache in a compressed file.


There are many options to try to fix error code 0X800706B5, allowing you to run your Windows version without problems, letting a smooth performance of your system. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error code 0X800706B5 share is welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.


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