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Error code 0X80070091 fixed in 7 easy ways

Error Code 0X80070091: How frustrating it an experience is when you come across an error message on your computer. You might have seen the error code 0X80070091 when trying to delete a folder. The message further says, “An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the folder. Error 0X80070091: The directory is not empty”. This sounds creepy to you. If you are the administrator of the computer, why can’t you delete the folders? What’s worse! Because of this error, you may not be able to install new apps/app updates and therefore it becomes important to troubleshoot this error asap.

Why does Error Code 0X80070091 occur?

Let’s have a look at some of the probable causes  for error code 0X8007009 because of which this issue can happen:

  • Check if you have logged in as an administrator. It is important to check this because as a secondary user, you can not delete some files/folders.

  • The hard drive has bad sectors

  • The drivers have become corrupt

  • The temporary folder is flooded with junk files

Now that we have discussed in detail about the reasons for error code 0X80070091. Below are some methods which will help you in resolving this issue.

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Methods to fix error code 0X80070091

There are 8 easy methods in which you can resolve error code 0X80070091 in a Windows PC. You can start to perform

Method 1: Use your existing antivirus to fix Error Code 0X80070091

  • Login with your administrative access and scan your computer with the existing antivirus / Microsoft Defender. See if the problem still exists.

  • Restart your computer and try deleting the intended file/folder to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Remove Junk 1files to fix error code 0X80070091

You should remove the junk files on a regular basis which doesn’t just occupy unnecessary space in your computer but can also make your system unstable.

  • Hold Win, Press X

  • Click “Command Prompt (Admin)”

  • Click “Yes”

  • Type “cleanmgr” and press Enter

  • Select the drive which you want to check (we recommend doing this for all drives one by one)

  • The process will start and you will be notified the space you can claim on the respective hard disks.

  • Review and Check all the Radio Buttons to remove unnecessary files

  • Click ‘Ok” for the process to start

  • Check if you are still able to delete the intended folder (the Error Code 0X80070091 is resolved or not)

Method 3: Check folder properties to fix error code 0X80070091

Check the folder’s properties to confirm if you actually have full administrative rights

  • Open Windows Explorer app

  • Open the Parent Directory of the folder with this issue

  • Right click on the folder and click on Properties

  • Click on Security > Advanced > Owner

  • Change the ownership to “New Owner”

  • Select “Replace Owner” in both “Sub-container and Objects”

  • Once the changes have been saved, try deleting the intended file/folder

Method 4: Use System file checker tool to fix error code 0X80070091

You can take help of the inbuilt system file checker tool to resolve this.This method can be performed in two ways.

Solution 1

  • Click Win logo

  • Open the Windows search box

  • Type cmd

  • Hold Ctrl & Shift simultaneously and press Enter

  • Type chkdsk/f/r and press Enter and press Y

  • The Disk Check will start working once the computer restarts. Give it some time before trying to delete the intended file/folder.

Solution 2 

An alternative way to run the File Checker Tool is below. The difference is, this one focuses more on repairing bad sectors:

  • Hold Win, Press X

  • Click “Command Prompt (Admin)”

  • Click “Yes”

  • Type chkdsk C/f/r/x

  • Press Enter to let it scan your computer. Once this is done, restart your computer and try deleting the intended file / folder.

This method must fix error code 0X80070091, if not move to the next method.

Method 5: Update Device Drivers to fix error code 0X80070091

Sometimes, the drivers are not updated resulting in error code 0X80070091 and other errors. You need to update drivers to check if this issue gets resolved.

  • Open the path Control Panel-->System and Security-->System in Windows Explorer

  • Click Device Manager

  • Expand all the options and check for a yellow exclamation before any device

  • If you find one, right-click on it and click on Update Driver Software...

  • Restart your computer and try deleting the intended file/folder to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 6: Perform System Restore to fix error code 0X80070091

Use System Restore as one of the last options. ‘System Restore’ restores the settings for a specific past date but it doesn’t affect your files. This option comes in handy if you had created a Restore Point at that point of  time when the error code 0X80070091 was not there

  • Click Win logo, type and click on Settings

  • Click Update & Security

  • Now click Recovery

  • Select ‘Go back to an earlier build’

  • Choose the date when this issue was not there

  • Run the tool and restart the computer

  • Either the intended file/folder got deleted or you should be able to delete it manually now.

Method 7: Reset your PC to error code 0X80070091

If the above 6 methods don't fix error code 0X80070091, then the final way is to reset your PC.If even after using the System Restore option, the file / folder is there / you are unable to delete the file/folder, the last option is to erase everything from the computer and take it back to Factory Settings.

Note: Make sure that you keep a back of all your important files before you reset your PC.

  • Take a backup of your important files offline or online

  • Click Win logo, type and click on Settings

  • Then click Update & Security

  • Now click Recovery > Reset this PC

  • Click Get Started > Remove Everything

  • Further, there will be two options ‘Just remove my files’ and ‘Remove files and clean the drive’. We suggest you go with the second option.

  • The computer will restart and take a considerable time to go to Factory Settings.

  • This option will start your computer fresh and all the old folders (including the folder with the error) will get deleted resolving your issue.

The last step will make your computer in the state when you bought it. You need to move the old files manually to the computer and install programs/apps from scratch. Your issue should be resolved and you should be able to delete that creepy file/folder using the steps mentioned above.

The above 7 methods should fix error code 0X80070091 in most of the cases. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error code 0X80070091, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.


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