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Error 0XC0000428 - Windows Update error fixed

Error 0XC0000428: Are you getting an error 0XC0000428 on your Windows OS? Don’t worry this is an error which occurs when your PC fails to update your operating system. The main reason behind this error is a failure to verify your digital signature of some system files. Most of the time this error appears in systems which have a problem with registry files. Windows users with OS versions 7,8 and 10 are most affected by this error.

Why does error 0XC0000428 occur?

A common reason for this error in most of Windows PC’s is an error in boot manager entries. When you upgrade your OS version to a higher or lower one, your boot manager entries should also change for the newer version. Sometimes, its fails to do so and your old OS files will be remaining in the boot manager without updating to the new one. Every time, when your system starts, it reads the boot information to load OS features. Thus, something interrupts this step error 0XC0000428 may occur. Let’s see the reasons for error in boot manager entries now.

  • Windows installation source(disc/USB) disconnected before finishing. This may result in missing of boot manager entries and create error 0XC0000428.

  • Using an older version of installation source (disc/USB) – Sometimes, the user may have a higher version of Windows OS installed in his PC, but try to use lower version files to setup dual boot mode. This will cause error 0XC0000428 due to an error in boot entries.

  • Outdated boot manager – Sometimes, the newer version of OS which you try to install won’t update properly. Thus, when you install these files over the older version, it creates conflict among the system boot files. This will lead to error 0XC0000428.

  • Malicious code or corrupted system files can also create this error.

Error 0XC0000428


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How to fix error 0XC0000428?

There are multiple ways in which you can fix error 0XC0000428 which are given below. Follow the order in which methods are given to fix this error with less effort.

Method 1: Update your Boot Manager to fix error 0XC0000428

As we discussed earlier an outdated boot manager registry may create error 0XC0000428, let try to update it manually. Follow these steps to update boot manager manually.

  • Connect an installation source (DVD/USB)

  • Boot the OS from the installation source

  • Select time, language and input option

  • The click on “Repair your computer”

  • Choose your installation drive or partition and click next (Eg: C:\, E:\)

  • From system recovery box select “Command Prompt”

  • Type “Bcdboot C:\windows /s D:\” and click enter [Note - Choose “Bcdboot C:\windows /s D:\” if your installation drive is C]

This method should fix error 0XC0000428, if not try the other methods.

Method 2: Remove any newly installed hardware

In some cases, you may face error 0XC0000428 when you recently installed hardware. To make sure that this is not the reason behind your error, remove newly installed hardware. Then reboot your system and check whether error appearing or not.

Method 3: Remove newly installed software to fix error 0XC0000428

You may encounter the error 0XC0000428 due to a newly installed application on your PC. Thus, if you started getting error 0XC0000428 after installing any application, then uninstall it for a while. Restart your system and check whether you are getting this error.

Method 4: Update your device drivers to fix error 0XC0000428

Device drivers are very important for the smooth running of your computer with its all hardware devices. Make sure that you regularly update your system device drivers. Outdated device drivers may lead to error 0XC0000428.

To check whether all your device drivers are running perfectly, you need to check it through the Device Manager. Every device which has yellow triangle shown near the respective device names need to be updated. You can either do this manually or by using some tools which do this task on behalf of you.

Update your device driver using a tool is one of the easiest ways. You can use the tool Driver Agent which scans your computer completely and update all the device drivers if needed.

If you do not want to use third party tools to perform this task, you can use do this manually. Follow the below steps to fix this issue

  • Click Windows Start button

  • Open Run box (Press Windows Key + R)

  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter

  • Open the device manager with administrative privilege if prompted to do so

  • Choose “Update Driver”

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After successful installation of all the latest updates, restart your system. In most of the case, this should fix error 0XC0000428.

The above methods should fix error 0XC0000428 Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix this error, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.


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