Saturday, June 24, 2017

Error 0XC000021A fixed - 5 easy ways

Error 0XC000021A: Windows OS versions 8 and 10 faced a lot of errors during its initial release. Microsoft initiated continues updates to fix many of its error faces by users. One among them is error 0XC000021A which comes with a blue dead screen. This error represents that “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”.

This error will keep repeating even after restart or system restore, so it is very important to understand how to fix error 0XC000021A.Unless you fix this error, you will not be able to use your system. Let’s jump to understand why does error 0XC000021A happen?

Why does error 0XC000021A occur?

Most of the time this error arises after a successful Windows OS update. After an update, it fails to boot to Windows which results in dead blue screen and error message. Two major files are the reason behind this error which is as below

  • scrss.exe: This file is associated with Windows server and hence a damage to this file will result in error 0XC000021A.

  • winlogon.exe: Every login and logout operation in Windows OS is controlled by winlogon.exe.Third party applications such as Antivirus may damage these files and cause mismatch among the files. This results in Windows PC to boot to the login.

  • Corrupted device drivers

  • Incompatible software installed in your PC.

  • Windows registry damaged

  • Insufficient hard disk memory.

Now that we have gone through the reason behind error 0XC000021A, let's now jump to see how to fix this error.

Error 0XC000021A

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Methods to fix error 0XC000021A

You need to try the below methods one by one to fix error 0XC000021A and see which works perfectly for you.

Method 1: Remove newly installed Hardware/Software error 0XC000021A

As I mentioned earlier, a newly installed application or hardware may cause error 0XC000021A. In this case removing a newly installed application and hardware may fix this error. A new application which you have installed may be incomputable with your Windows version. This results in conflict among the system files and software files which force you PC to show error 0XC000021A.

To remove a newly installed software

  • Click on Windows Start button

  • Type “Control Panel “in search box

  • Under Program à Select “Uninstall a program”

  • From the list of applications installed on your system, select those which are recently installed

  • Right click on the application and choose “uninstall”

If you recently upgraded your RAM or installed a new graphic card, then try removing them. Restart you PC after removing the hardware and it should fix error 0XC000021A.

Method 2: Fix error 0XC000021A using Startup Repair

Startup repair is an inbuilt option with all Windows OS which an effortless way to fix error 0XC000021A. You need a USB drive or DVD to perform this task in Windows 7,8 and 10.

  • Insert an installation DVD or USB to the right port.

  • Choose preferred input method, currency format, time and language.

  • Click next

  • Now click “Advanced Options”

  • Choose “Automatic Repair”

  • Select the “Operating System”

This method should fix error 0XC000021A and takes some to finish the repair. If not, then move on to next method

Method 3: Restore System

There may be a chance for your latest Windows update be a reason behind error 0XC000021A. To check this, you need to restore your system to a time when it was working perfectly.

  • Restart your system

  • Before the Windows logo appears, press F8 repeatedly.

  • Login to the Safe mode by selecting “Safe Mode” and press Enter.

  • Open Command Prompt

  • Give Administrator privilege if asked to do so.

  • Type “%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe” in the command line.

  • Follow the instruction given in the wizard

In this step, your restoring your Windows OS to time in Safe mode to fix the 0XC000021A error.

Note: You can only perform this step if you already have restored point created. Sometime restore point will be created automatically. In another case, you need to create a restore point manually before this step.

Method 4: DISM Command

  • Restart your system

  • Before the Windows logo appears, press F8 repeatedly.

  • Choose “Troubleshoot”

  • Select “Advanced options”

  • Now choose à Startup Options

  • The click “Restart”

  • To boot in safe mode press F6

  • Type “dism/image:C:\cleanup-image/revertpendingactions“

  • Restart your computer.

This should fix error 0XC000021A and if not move on to the final step.

Method 5: Install fresh Window OS error 0XC000021A

Tried above methods but still getting error 0XC000021A? Install a fresh Windows OS will be your final option. Before you perform this, make sure that you have backup of all your important files. Install a new Windows OS which is compatible with your system configuration and this should fix 0XC000021A error