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Error 0X800705B4 application failed to initialize fixed

Windows Defender Error 0X800705B4: Are you getting error 0X800705B4? Don’t be panic it is a common error which many Windows users face. This error may slow down your system and in worst case even crash your operating system. Error 0X800705B4 will be displayed either with “There were problems in installing updates” orError 0x800705b4 application failed to initialize”

Why does Error 0X800705B4 occur?

Every Windows OS comes with an inbuilt Windows Defender application which protects your system from malicious codes. There are multiple reasons for error 0X800705B4 which are follows

  • Problems with your Windows Defender application.

  • Faulty System Registry entries

  • System affected by malicious code

  • The automatic system update is turned off.

  • Windows system files are corrupted

Now that we know the reasons for error 0X800705B4, let's quickly move on to methods in which we can fix this error.



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Methods to Fix Windows Defender error 0X800705B4

Since error 0X800705B4 is a common error among the Windows users, there are many ways to fix this issue. In this post, I am going to share you 8 different methods in which you can fix this error. It is not mandatory to follow all the methods, you can skip once you fix the error.

Method 1: Windows Troubleshooter to fix error 0X800705B4

Using Windows troubleshooter is one easy and quick way to resolve any error in your computer. Let’s use Windows Update troubleshooter and see whether it will fix error 0X800705B4.

  • Click Windows Start button

  • Open search box and type “Troubleshoot”

  • Open the “Troubleshooting” option which appears in the menu

  • On your popup screen, select “View all” on the left side.

  • From the list, select “Windows Update”

  • Select “Advanced” from the wizard screen.

  • Now choose the option “Run as administrator” and click next

Your PC troubleshooter will now try to fix error 0X800705B4. If this step is successful then you will not receive the 0X800705B4 error again or else move to next method.

Method 2: Configure Windows Update service

Sometimes, your Windows Update service will be the reason for error 0X800705B4.Follow below steps to enable it back

  • Click Windows Start button

  • Open search box and type “Check for Updates”

  • From the pop-up screen, choose “Advanced options”

  • Unmark the option “Give me updates for the Microsoft products when I update Windows”

  • Restart your System

  • Repeat the steps 1 & 2.

  • From the wizard select “Check for updates”

  • It will search for latest updates and message will appear as “Your device is up to date”

  • Now click on “Advanced Options”

  • Enable “Give me updates for the Microsoft products when I update Windows”

  • Go back to “Check for Updates” again and see whether you have any updates available.

This step should configure your Windows Update setting and fix error 0X800705B4.

Method 3: Disable your Antivirus 

If your system has a triparty Antivirus program running, then it might detect few system files as malicious code. To check this, you need to turn off your Antivirus from the application panel. In few cases this should fix error 0X800705B4 and system will never show this error again.

Method 4: Delete some files from Software Distribution folder

Follow these steps to delete some files from Windows Software Distribution folder to fix error 0X800705B4.

  • Click Windows Start button

  • Open search box and type “Services”

  • Select the “Services” app appears on the menu.

  • From the list, choose “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”

  • Open with right click and select “Stop”

  • Next, select “Stop” for Windows update too from the list.

  • Now search for “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution”

  • Delete all the files in that folder

  • Make sure that you delete” Delivery Optimation” and “Download” file.

  • Repeat the above steps until you delete all the files

  • Restart your system

This method should fix error 0X800705B4, if not move on to the next step.

Method 5: Perform System Restore 

Note: Keep a backup of all your important files before you perform a system restore. Follow these steps

  • Click Windows Start button

  • Open search box and type “Control Panel”

  • Then search or select “System Restore”

  • Select a time point to restore your computer

  • Click “Finish “

Once you successfully restore your system to a time point which created, error 0X800705B4 should disappear. In this method, you are taking your system back to the time when it was working without any issue.

The above three methods will help you to fix error 0X800705B4 in effortless ways. Please feel free on posting your comments, or if you have any additional solution to fix error 0X800705B4, shares are welcome too. If you find this information useful, share it! Thanks for reading.



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