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Error 0X8000FFFF fixed - Catastrophic failure

Error 0X8000FFFF: Having a personal computer or any gadget is a wonderful thing. Adults, young people, and even the little tykes would love to have one. Most people make it a point that they won’t be out of the latest operating systems which make them upgrade. But in so doing, most of the time, everything doesn’t go as expected. An error can happen upon upgrading and at times people just go helpless, especially if they see an error that reads “Error 0x8000ffff: Catastrophic failure” or another way of saying the same error “An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x8000ffff).” If this happens, at time people would choose to hate or disregard the device that they’ve worked hard to acquire.

Any individual would love to work with a gadget with them. They sometimes find themselves helpless if their tool for work malfunctions. An “error 0x8000ffff” that appears on the monitor is nobody’s fault. There are just things that took place that made it occur.

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So if one may ask why “error 0x8000ffff” happened, this could have occurred because of the following instances:

  • Computer system setting was incorrect.

  • Registry files may have been corrupted or infected by virus or malware.

  • System drivers are outdated or damaged.

  • Volume shadow copy service might have been disabled.

  • Some files may not have been overwritten or failed after performing a system restore.

  • Installing right after installing a new

  • Updating through Windows Update Center.

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Methods to fix Error 0X8000FFFF

Though it is a technical problem, People would like it fixed as soon as possible. To solve the dilemma, any of the following ways or methods should be performed.

Method 1: Do Disk Check to fix error 0X8000FFFF

The corrupt or damaged registry files might have been the reason for the occurrence of this error. Resolving this problem might be achieved through running or activating the built-in disk check tool. The tool scans and any fixing attempts in the computer file system might have been the reason.

Steps to follow:

  • Click “Start

  • In the “search programs and files” type “cmd” in the search box

  • CTRL+Shift+Enter is the exact combination to press before clicking “OK” which would lead to opening the command prompt

  • “chkdsk/f/r” must be typed into the prompt before pressing Enter

  • The resultant notification must be responded by typing “Y

After following the exact process, restarting the computer is advised to allow the disk check to run. The tool must be given ample time to complete its processes to check if applying the method has worked before resuming what one was doing before the appearance of error.

Method 2: Activate Volume Shadow Copy Service to fix error 0X8000FFFF

The volume shadow copy service must be highly regarded since the computer’s system restore feature relies heavily on it. Disabling the service would likely allow the encounter of the error. Enabling or activating the service can easily resolve the error, and this could be done through the following steps:

  • Click “Start

  • In the “search programs and files” type “msc” and press Enter

  • Found at the lower end of the resultant services, double-click “Volume Shadow Copy

  • Under “Startup Type” select “Automatic” before clicking “OK” on the resultant window

To know if the method has resolved error code 0x8000ffff, restarting the computer is an effective way of testing.

Method 3: Remember Administrative Rights

Administrative rights to a computer must be considered to avoid the encounter of such error during “system restore” process. Restoring the computer to an earlier date or creating a restore point can easily resolve the error.

Steps to follow:

  • Click “Start

  • In the “search programs and files” type “System Restore” in the box

  • Before clicking “Run as Administrator,” right-click “System Restore

The resulting on-screen instructions to the letter must be followed to complete the procedure and to check if the error has been resolved before resuming to what one has been doing before the error.

Method 4: Reconfigure Windows Store to fix error 0X8000FFFF

This method applies particularly to those using Windows 10 Operating System. Because of various reasons, Windows Store client can cause the error 0x8000ffff and re-configuring the Windows Store could be the best option.

Method 5: Recondition Drivers to fix error 0X8000FFFF

Component drivers and computer system are both very important. The drivers make it possible for the computer to smoothly run through the efficient interaction of the programs caused by the hardware. The driver that is damaged of outdated can easily cause error 0x8000ffff.

Reconditioning or updating drivers can be done by going through all installed components, downloading and checking any outdated or damaged driver before restarting the computer and resuming what one was doing. Through this, an error could be resolved.

Method 6: Make New Account to fix error 0X8000FFFF

Creating a new user account could help in resolving error 0x8000ffff.

Steps to follow:

  • The combination of Win + X key should be pressed

  • Open the command prompt window by selecting “Command Prompt (Admin)

  • Type “net user/add (username) (password)”, “net local group Administrators (username)/add.

  • To check if the error has been resolved, restarting the computer is advised

  • Once again, open the command prompt and type “shutdown/l/f” before pressing Enter

Method 7: Run Antivirus to fix error 0X8000FFFF

Encountering error 0x8000ffff might have been because of minor issues that have been overlooked. If the computer has an installed anti-virus/malware program, it might be a solution to run the installed anti-virus and scan the computer. This can be the solution to such error. To check whether the method was effective, one should try doing again whatever he was doing before the error occurred to verify if the error is resolved.

Method 8: Reinstall Windows to fix error 0X8000FFFF

 Reinstallation of Windows Operating System could be the last but proven very effective option in resolving error 0x8000ffff. Doing this method would require backing up all the important files and documents before the installation.

The method would require a huge task from the process of formatting the computer’s hard drive up to the installation of Windows OS. This time-consuming way is like starting from scratch and would have to also install updates and programs again.

Finding a cure for error 0x8000ffff could be very tedious, but the instance for this could be avoided or prevented by regularly running the anti-virus program and updating or downloading apps and programs from trusted sites.


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