Friday, June 9, 2017

5 Sites To Get Free copyright free images

Every blogger needs the importance of copyright free images for their sites. Many bloggers use images downloaded from Google images or from other websites without giving proper credits to the owner. Don’t worry, now you don’t need to worry about finding copyright free images for your blog images.

Many people think that Google images are free to use, but that is completely wrong. Only a few images in Google image search is royalty free. Thus, if you were using images from Google images till now, then your site is in danger. In this article, I will share top free stock image websites which you can use instead of Google to download free images.

What is copyright free images?

Copyright free images are also known as royalty free images which are images which you can use without any permission from the owner. These websites give you complete authority to use their images as per your wish. Thus, you don’t need to get prior permission or give credits for anyone to use these images.

Why should we use copyright free images?

Image plagiarism is a very important problem when it comes to your SEO and Google approval for numerous services. For example, Google AdSense does not approve any sites which have used copyrighted images. Similarly, if your site has a number of copyright images, then it will badly affect your SEO. Google penalize those sites which have high image plagiarism or stealing another website image without giving proper credit.

In a worst case, some websites are very serious about their image reuse by others. There is a chance that person who has the copyright of an image can raise a complaint against you in DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which can even result in Google blacklisting your domain name. It is always suggested to use copyright free images if you cannot afford using your own images.

Several types of copyright free images

Not every website listed below provide royalty free images, few of them restrict access to certain images for only premium users. But, still, you will have a large pool of royalty free images in these sites listed. The two types of copyright-free image are

  • Free images – These images are completely free to use.

  • Premium images – You can buy these images with your license to use it and reproduce in any way.

I know that it is difficult for new bloggers to spend some money on images, thus I would prefer you to go for free images. But the free images will be used widely by many users, hence it does not keep your site unique from others.

Web sites to download copyright free images

1)Pixabay (Recommended)

Pixabay is one of the top websites to download a free copyright free images and videos. It has over 970,000 free stock photos, videos and art illustrations. It is very easy to download images as per your need. Pixabay also has premium images collections too for users.


This website is like Pixabay and has more than 85000 clip art images. You are free to use any images as per your wish. Images can be downloaded in any image size as per your wish.

3)Wikimedia Commons

This site is owned by the great Wikipedia website team which has a massive collection of more than 29,722,682 copyright free images. The only thing which you need to do while using these images is to give attribution. This means few images need us to give credits or link back to the image owner.


Shutterstock has over 125 million copyright free images, music tracks, and video. This is a premium website for which you need to pay for using the images. Many professional bloggers use shutter stock as they want to meet their daily needs and to avoid copyright issues.

5)Stock Unlimited

Stock Unlimited is a premium site which has more than 800,000+ visuals for professional and business use. For business uses, I would prefer you to use Stock Unlimited and Shutterstock as you get the full rights to the image.


Depending on your ability to spend money for images, you can choose one website from the above list for your blog. Remember, using Google images without reading reuse policy will affect your SEO. For a safer side, always practice using copyright free images on our blog.

I hope this article help you find the best websites to find copyright free images for your blog. Please let me know if you use any other website which you want to add to this list. If you love this post please spread your love by sharing this post with your friends.


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