Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What to Do Before Applying for AdSense

It is common among every blogger's that they need to make money by using Google Adsense and what is that spot you? It is relatively simple, easy and straightforward way to earn some good money for your effort.It is true that Google Adsense is the best CPC ad network.In the early stages, it was very easy to get Adsense approval but now it is relatively very difficult now. Thus, it would be helpful if you follow the below checklist before applying for Adsense which increases your chance of getting approved.

First of all, you need to prove Google why you are applying for AdSense and you are a good customer for them.First, you will need a good reason to apply for AdSense so you can reap the benefits that they offer.

What is Google AdSense?


Google Adsense is one of the best advertisement publishing internet network owned by google. AdSense uses the Pay Per Click (PPC) system which gives the main benefit for your blog. Adsense will also pay a less percentage of money for each impression made on your ads. In the starting stage google used to provide Adsense approved with every Blogger account which later they changed to increase their ad quality.

Today, AdSense is one of the respected internet advertisement provides to millions of publishers. The first thump rule is you should follow is, don't try to do any fraud while applying. If you are having a good content and follow all Adsense policy, you will easily get approved.

How to Avoid Getting Your Adsense Application Rejected

If we follow the below 4 points before youAdSense Adsense will not discard your application in the first stage.

Go through Google Policies: Google will always post well-described policies and terms of use for all its application.While preparing yourself for Adsense application, first read google policies very well to understand what the company is looking at your website. So, take your time and understand all their policies to make sure that your blog follows them.

Good Content is the King: Adsense give very importance to your content, thus having a good content will increase your chance.You need to present a good and neat content, ..professional and less grammatical error content which will please them in the first look.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Always select your theme and color by thinking from the view of a normal visitor who will never visit your site if you don't have a good design and color combination.Lots of distracting glitz and Garish yellows will bring your chances while applying for Adsense.

Professional Information: Make your website professional with contact us page, about us page, terms of service etc to give a good impression about your website.

Now when you are done with the primary steps, let's move to learn other few things which could increase your chance while applying for AdSense. All these steps are suggested by AdSense experts and there is not guarantee that you will get an approval if you follow these.

10 Ways to Increase Your Chances when Applying for AdSense

1. Privacy policy

You may feel odd thinking why you need a privacy policy for your blog, but it is very important part to get Adsense approval.Without it, I would suggest you not to apply at all. You can use some other website which create a policy for free for you.You policy represents what a visitor can and cannot do on your website.

2. Contact Information

Aas I mentioned earlier, contact information shows how much you are interested in helping your visitors and its shows how professional you are. You can add your email to the contact information page to increase your chance.

3. About Us

This is the place where you explain to your visitors about you and your motive.This kind of introduction page is very important while applying for Adsense.

4. Email & Name Verification

If it's possible, try to get an email id which is related your domain name.For example " In this way, you are verifying your name and your domain authority. But it is not mandatory that you need an email id with your domain name, but make sure that you have your name in your contact email address while applying for Adsense.

5. Verify Age

To get approved for Adsense account you need to be above 18 years old and try to provide your true date of birth while applying.

6. Appropriate Design

Try your best to use an appropriate theme design and which can attract your visitor. You don't need to spend 1000 of dollars for it, but just keep it clean and attractive.

7.Maximum number of post

Do you know that google anywhere mentioned about minimum or a maximum number of post needed to approve your application?Adding maximum posts increases your chance and it is always advisable to have minimum 15 to 20 posts.

8. Remember the Rules

Drugs, pornography or illegal items and posts with word count less than 200 will be rejected by Adsense

9. Plagiarism free content

Google always penalize a site for copied content, thus make sure that you don't have nay copied or copyrighted content in your blog while applying for Adsense.

10. Unique, Top Level Domain

Having a top level domain will always increase your chance of getting Adsense approval easily.That doesn't means you should apply only to a top-level domain. I have got even got approval for a .tk domain name.

So keep these points in mind and check yourself before applying for Adsense.Please share your opinions or ideas with us in the comment box. Enjoy!


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