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Secure WhatsApp from getting hacked

First of let me clearly explain that this post not about how to hack Whatsapp, rather it is the way to secure your WhatsApp from the normal mix-ups which do, promoting hacking. We all realize that WhatsApp has turned into a noteworthy piece of our day today life, subsequently following our WhatsApp messages is equivalents to knowing our own information.

Is it really possible to hack Whatsapp?

Well hypothetically Yes, There is not at all like 100% security. Any framework can be hacked, any security can be ruptured and any encryptions can be split. When we say how secure is this framework, it really mean; How much time and assets will it take to hack the framework?

So what 'WhatsApp's security group' do is, they expand the level of security to an amplify, that hackers needs to spend tremendous measure of assets and time to hack WhatsApp. Furthermore, believe me, the security is sufficiently solid, to stop any regular person structure hacking WhatsApp.

Follow the below steps to know whether someone is monitoring your WhatsApp

Users who have recently upgraded Whatsapp to Version 2,11,44 might experience a little bug with emoji. The bug doesn’t affect the user experience in any way and is just a small inconvenience that we expect Whatsapp to fix in upcoming updates.

Open Whatsapp on your Android Smartphone

Open an existing or a new chat window

Touch in the typing area

On your keyboard go to Emoji’s

Slide to the last section of numbers and symbols

Select number ‘6’ from the first row.

What? No number 6? No, that is exactly what the bug does, it prevents users from sending the Number 6 emoji. So in order to avoid risk, please do not share any bank account details and passwords in through your WhatsApp. Also, update to next version to solve the bug issue.

Secure WhatsApp from Hack using Sniffer application

This application cases to peruse every one of the chats occurring over the same WiFi system.

How can it function?

WhatsApp Sniffer was once accessible on PlayStore yet was soon evacuated after the discovery it's powerlessness to WhatsApp. It utilizes ARP solicitation to face every one of the messages.

In those days WhatsApp messages were basic plain content, so anybody could read it. Yet, not currently, from August 2012 ahead WhatsApp has begun scrambling its messages.

Step by step instructions to stop it?

I frequently see individuals asking whether Whatsapp sniffer still works. I asked the same inquiry on a few gathering and got the same answer. NO, WhatsApp Sniffer no more works. However in the event that somebody outside your circle is restless to utilize your WiFi then be watchful.

Secure WhatsApp from Hack using Spoof MAC address on android

How can it function?

Each gadget has extraordinary MAC address and WhatsApp utilizes it to check that you are not utilizing WhatsApp on two distinctive gadget with the same number. So if the hacker has the capacity to parody MAC address, then he will have the capacity to see all your WhatsApp movement.

Step by step instructions to prevent it?

Sadly there is not a lot you can do. Be that as it may, this WhatsApp hack can't be performed by a typical user.

It requires rooted gadgets and profound learning of summons, in short, advanced programming skills. So unless you are having some exceptionally fascinating WhatsApp discussion, nobody is experiencing that much inconvenience.

So on the off chance that you WhatsApp record is bargained, it's more probable that the suspect has admittance to your gadget. Hacking WhatsApp discussion remotely is unrealistic.

There is few Whatsapp hack device like WhatsApp Sniffer or systems like mocking Mac address which claims to Hack Whatsapp discussion. So I chose to test them out and see whether they truly work or not.

Secure WhatsApp from hack using Airdroid

Airdroid is a famous android application that unites your Android with your PC. In any case, it in its late overhaul it has discharged an amazing element that reflects your Android screen to PC. You may wonder, how this can be used to hack your WhatsApp discussion?

How can it function?

The suspect may take your Android for a moment. Introduce Airdroid or on the off chance that you have as of now introduce (s)he will log into his or her record. Presently they can reflect your Android screen from their PC. No validation requires. The client will see no warning.

Step by step instructions to stop it?

On the off chance that you think, that somebody is hacking your WhatsApp then have a look through all the apps In the event that you discover something suspicious, uninstall it. Attempt antivirus in the event that you need. Check applications consent utilizing x-security. Furthermore, never give your gadget to somebody whom you don't trust.

WhatsApp's designers are no idiot. They have spent a critical piece of their life making and testing this application. Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that there is the scarcest likelihood of slip, it's get redressed as soon as possible. Envision there is instructional exercise to hack WhatsApp, and developers are not in any case mindful of it. Sounds amusing, Right?

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Secure Whatsapp from hack using IMEI number

How can it function?

Every single gadget's WhatsApp record is connected with IMEI number as the password so at whatever point anybody transforms her/his gadget (transforming from one telephone to other, from telephone to tab and so on for instance from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6), WhatsApp sends the notification and asks to re-check the record.

In these cases, the information is exchanged from the move down, which implies all your gathered information is read by others.

Step by step instructions to prevent it?

Try not to give your gadget to a stranger who is curious to know how your new phone functions and how classy your smartphone looks.

Avoid offering your telephone number to such sort of people and don't give them a chance to see your IMEI number on the telephone. One can undoubtedly read the IMEI number without even opening the telephone.

Dial *#06# and press the call key. Your IMEI number will streak on your screen.

Never share your IMEI number and avoid keeping your telephone out at spots where it can be open to others. Once the user has your IMEI number, he or she can without much of a stretch hack your gadget and read every one of your messages.

Every single gadget's WhatsApp record is connected with IMEI number as the password so at whatever point anybody transforms her/his gadget (transforming from one telephone to other, from telephone to tab and so on for instance from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6), WhatsApp sends the notification and asks to re-check the record.


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