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How to protect your account from Adsense Invalid click activity

As we all know that as per the Google AdSense policies, a publisher is fully responsible for the traffic on their ads. It means any activity which is taking place related your AdSense ads will directly affect your AdSense account. AdSense invalid click is one of the most important problems faced by most of AdSense publishers which leads to suspension of their account.

Some recent statics revealed by Google AdSense team reveals that 73% AdSense account got suspended due to invalid click activity. Thus, if you own an AdSense account then it is very important that you protect it from invalid AdSense clicks.

Zac Johnson a famous blogger lost his 10-year-old AdSense account and you can read his story. Zac Johnson is the best example to show that every AdSense publishers are equally treated by AdSense team in case of invalid clicks.

The saddest part is if you have some $ 500 in your AdSense which you are planning to withdraw after some days. Unfortunately, due to some invalid AdSense click activity, Google disabled tour account. In this case, you will not be able to withdraw your remaining balance. Google AdSense team will refund your remaining balance back to their affected AdWords advertisers.

The below email respond from Google AdSense will give you a clear idea about this issue.

If you are already a victim of invalid AdSense Clicks, then I would say you Google team doesn’t have anything to do with it because it is completely publishers responsibility.

Thus, in this article, I would like to share some tips and techniques to keep your AdSense account healthy from invalid AdSense clicks.

I know you will be little excited to learn these tips because we all do blogging to make some living…so keep reading….

What is AdSense Invalid Click Activity?

As per Google AdSense policy, a legitimate ad click is one which is generated by a human user with the sole interest in the product displayed on the screen. Unfortunately, if a true user clicks an ad without any interest it is considered as invalid. Similarly, if a user is clicking on every ad displayed on the screen, this is also considered as an AdSense invalid click.

Is it very complicated, right? Let’s see the below video to understand it well.


How does Google know all these activities?

Now you will be wondering how does Google know all these activities which are happening in your blog. The answer is we all know that Google is a company which gives their best for its users and makes major revenue from ads. Google does not compromise when it comes to providing the best advertisement experience for all its advertisers.

The successful of Google AdSense is their Human alike bots which crawl every page on the internet to index them. In addition, to enhance the quality of AdSense it has more advanced software’s and tools which monitor every ad clicks. Google even tracks the psychology of user by tracking their mouse tracking algorithm. I know it’s very hard to believe, but Google uses its complex algorithm to keep its quality up.

Why invalid AdSense clicks happen on your site?

The answer to this question is still not clear because no publisher will encourage any activity which will lead to disabling their AdSense account. This is like someone claiming that you stole something which you didn’t even know. This is a fact that it’s very difficult for even top webmasters to predict the real reason behind this invalid click.

While doing some case studies for writing this article, in many forums I found a common reason explained by some top webmasters. One of the main reason which they suspect for AdSense invalid click is few AdSense cyber-attacks.

Yes, you heard it right, there are a specific group of cyber attackers who perform AdSense cyber-attacks.

What an AdSense Cyber attacker do?

An AdSense cyber attacker will intentionally attack a website by generating fraud clicks on Ads displayed on that site.

What is the motive behind this?

Technically, these attackers are not benefited in any way by doing this kind of fraud. The major reason behind this attack is to stop your earning from Google AdSense. Every blogger in the world wish to be AdSense publishers, but only few could make it. So, these attackers can be anyone who don’t like you earning some money, some bloggers who doesn’t get their AdSense approved, or who want to cut your major earning.

Some statistics shows that most of the invalid AdSense cyber-attack happens for users from the same country of the website publisher. Apart from this, there are few countries which are blacklisted for attacks which result in AdSense Invalid Clicks.

Here is some list of countries which has more chances of AdSense Invalid Click Activity to happen.

List of countries which has more chances of AdSense Invalid Click

Country NameCountry Code
PakistanPK / PAK
ChinaCN / CHN
UkraineUA / UKR
IndonesiaID / IDN
LithuaniaLT / LTU
EgyptEG / EGY
RomaniaRO / ROU
BulgariaBG / BGR
TurkeyTR / TUR
RussiaRU / RUS
MalaysiaMY / MYS
IsraelIL / ISR

Date Reference -

How to know the Country from where you are getting the most AdSense invalid clicks?

Many AdSense experts know this technique to find the country from where you get AdSense invalid clicks, but let me share this steps for those who don’t know.

1: Login into your dashboard o AdSense account.

2: Click on “Overview this month

3: Select a specific date for which you need to track

4: Move to left sidebar and click on “Countries

5: Now filter out the number of clicks which you received from each country.

If you monitor an enormous number of invalid clicks when compared to a number of valid clicks, then you should be very careful as your AdSense account is in danger.

How to Protect Your AdSense Account from AdSense Invalid Clicks?

As we say, “Prevention is better than cure”, monitor your AdSense invalid clicks from your dashboard regularly. In case if you find some unusual activity in your AdSense invalid clicks, take immediate action by stop displaying ads for few days. In action to that report Google AdSense team regarding unusual activity happening your website. Yes, you will lose some earning from your site when you stop displaying ads, but it is better for keeping your account safer.

My default, your AdSense code will display ads to every user irrespective of their country. You can monitor the user’s activity and their IP address to act against them. You can stop showing your ads to some IP’s from where you get more AdSense invalid clicks.

I know it is hard for people who are not good in IP filtering and blocking, such people can use some tools like AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP) to protect your account from AdSense invalid clicks.

Do not share your AdSense earning in any public forum with your Website details attached to it. When you expose your earning with your website in a forum, cyber attackers or people who are jealous of your success may try to spoil it.

How to protect your account from AdSense invalid clicks tips straight from Google

1)Monitor your visitors and ad traffics

Use google analytics to understand your visitors to understand where you are getting readers, more clicks, which page does that visit more? etc.

2)Avoid partnering with untrusted third party sites.

There are few AdSense publishers who faced some invalid activity in their sites while partnering with some untrusted sites. Thus, avoid such partnership to keep your account healthy.

3)Don’t click on your AdSense ads by yourself.

Please remember to use AdSense publisher toolbar if you want to check the AdSense code placed in your site your site or if you interested in any ad.

4) Double- and triple-check your implementation.

If you are doing some custom implementation of your codes, then make sure that it runs perfectly.

5)Use authorized plugins and tools to use your AdSense code.

6) Consult the AdSense Help Forum.

What to do now? My AdSense account got banned. How can I get it back?

The only way to get your AdSense account back is to file an appeal to Google briefly mentioning your account activity as soon as your account get banned. Make sure that you share your account activity data to prove that you didn’t do any fraud activity.

Hopefully, wait for a positive response from AdSense team…

No luck, you got a negative response?

It’s not the end of the world, you have many other AdSense alternatives which pay you well. Go for it.

Not recommended – you feel you cannot make enough income other than using AdSense, then you could try creating a new AdSense account with different email id and identity. Remember which is against AdSense policy.



In the beginning of this article you might have felt “Invalid Click” as a simple term, but now we understood how serious it is for a blogger. On a final note, I would suggest all AdSense users monitor your ad traffic and earning closely until you find some alternatives for Google AdSense. Take some preventive measures and tools against AdSense invalid click activity. Wish you a happy blogging…Enjoy.

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