Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to Increase Your Adsense CTR - Tips by AdSense Team

Most of the new bloggers start making some good income from their blog through Adsense.Thus it is very important for every Adsense users to understand how to increase your Adsense CTR. CTR stands for Click Thru Ratio which is the ratio of for every 1000 readers how many clicks you get for your ads.Your Adsense income increases as your CTR increases. You can access your current CTR ration from your Adsense account dashboard.

There are many ways in which we can increase our CTR ratio, but many of them violate Google Adsense Policies which may lead to suspension of your Adsense account.Thus I am going to share only tips provided by Google Adsense to increase your AdSense CTR.

How to Increase Your Adsense CTR

Just before I share these tips, it is important to mention that providing optimal user experience should always be a priority. Some bloggers lose sight of this. In an effort to maximize earnings they go overboard on ads, just to make a few more bucks. Everything should be done in moderation and it should never mask or cover up good, quality content.

1. Improve Your Ad Placement

As per the new Adsense Ad placement policies, we can place as many ads as we need, provided that it should not exceed the quantity of content. Would you like to visit a site which has a number of ads that the content?

Off course we won't.... So we should use ads efficiently with a proper strategic planning.

The below pictures shows the Google heat map of placing Adsense ads.

Google suggest placing ads in left sidebar as an optimal place because most of the visitor's eyes follow to that region and increase your AdSense CTR.Similarly placing horizontal banner ads below the navigation bar and above the footer, will keeps your website clean and attractive.

Most of the bloggers choose space near navigational menu as a top place to place some ads. As per your wish, you can choose between 728×90 Leaderboard Ad, Adsense Link Units or Adsense search box. In this way, strategic placing of you Adsense ad unit will increase your CTR.

In addition to this, I would suggest you placing link ads or text ads within your content.This can increase your AdSense CTR in a huge way.


2. Consider Color Blending

Many online forum discussions on the color blending of AdSense ad with your site design and color.Many suggest avoiding the use of ugly colors and borders which keep your ad odd one on your site. I would suggest using contrasting color backgrounds

Similarly, if you placing link text ads along with your content, then prefer to use some colors which match your font color. I would recommend using blue or red color for link ads as per your website design.Every reader know that blue colored are used for clickable links, thus using this color for link ads increase your Adsense CTR. Everyone knows that a blue link is clickable.

These are just a few suggestions, but you can try experimenting different format and try which suits your blog.

3. Keep Ads Fresh for Returning Visitors

Adsense team suggests that if you have a huge number of returning visitors, then you should try changing your ads often.Visitors will get bored if they are seeing the same ads every time when they visit your site.Once a visitors gets used to your common ads, they will stop giving attention to those ads. Thus keeping fresh ads will keep your returning visitors engaged.

I have heard that some bloggers even use plugins which completely removed Adsense ads for returning visitors.In my opinion, it depends on your goal and ideas to optimize your site.As a finally note I would say, you can try experimenting different methods which can increase your Adsense CTR


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