Saturday, May 20, 2017

How to create a post in WordPress

Creating a post in WordPress is really simple.

Log in to the WordPress dashboard by going by and follow the steps given below

The most effective method to create a post in WordPress

Post Title – Click on Ad new and enter the title of your post in this field. On your theme it will be demonstrated over you're content.

Post Content - you can utilize the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to add a content of your post. You will have two tabs - Visual (utilize the editorial manager to arrange your content) and Text (include your HTML code directly).

Now enter the content of your article of your first WordPress post, then click on Publish.This brings your post to your actual website.

That is it! You can create your first blog post which you can view by visiting the front page of your webpage to look at the recently made blog entry.

How to add Multimedia contents to Post

Adding photos, videos and music to your posts is an easy task with WordPress. Let’s try adding photo to your above post. Hence open the recent post and click on the text where you want to add the content .Then click on Add Media in the top left part.

The WordPress Insert Media pop-up will appear. Now click on the select files in the middle of the screen.

Click on the local files to upload pictures from your local drive or add by using the URL of that particular image which you need to use . Hence for the purpose tutorial we are adding an image to the post. There are two mai things which you have to take care for images. First, describe the image itself - enter its Alt tag, title for the link and optionally a caption. The caption will appear under the actual image on your front end.

Once you finish doing this, you need to mention the attachment settings of the image:

  • Alignment- How to align the image in your It purely depends on how  your actual theme alignments will work on your site.

  • Link To- Select where to link the image to - the full size image file, the media page automatically created for each new attachment, custom URL or simply not to link it.

  • Size- When you upload an image, WordPress creates multiple copies of it in different sizes. Choose whether you want a thumbnail, medium sized image or the entire image added to your post.

Now you have to enter the information which you needed to added with photo and choose the visualization in your post. Click the Insert into post button. You will see the image added to your editor window

You can now update your post and go to the front end of your site. You will see the recently added picture added to your post.

How to create WordPress categories

WordPress categories are an extremely helpful approach to sort out your posts. You can have parent and child classes making progressive game plan of your posts conceivable. Notwithstanding that, one post can be into more than one category. This gives you a great deal of adaptability to indicate precisely the posts you need, precisely the way you need them in gadgets, menus or straightforwardly in your WordPress theme.

To create new categories in WordPress, you need click the Posts -> Categories

On the left half of the page you will see a tab that permits you to make categories. Fill in the category name, its slug (will be utilized as a part of the classification URLs) and the Add New Category . With the end goal of this instructional exercise we will make another category named Family posts.

That is it, your first category is prepared. Presently, we should make a sub-category of the Family posts one named Niece. Fill in a name and repeat the way you did with the first category yet this time select Family posts as guardian for the new classification. At that point, press Add New Category yet again to spare thew new sub-category

How to assign posts to categories

Once we created a category structure, we can add posts to a particular category. There are two ways in which  you can do this. The first is to open a specific post (or compose another one) and spot a check box in the category you need to dole out it to

The second way is to bulk add posts to a category. To do these go to Posts -> All Posts. Next, select the posts you want to add to a category, click on the Bulk Actions tab, select Edit and finally press the Apply button.

Once you have done this, you will have few options to adjust for those posts. Primarily the categories section. Select a category which you need to ad those posts to an click on the Update .

Once you do that, you will few options you can adjust for those posts. One of them is the Categories section. Click  the category  which you want to add those posts to and click on the Update button.

Now, the posts you've marked previously moved to the category which you've chosen.

Categories - To create new categories in WordPress, click on Posts -> Categories page first.

On the left side of the page you will see a tab that allows you to create categories. Fill in the category name  (will be used in the category URLs) and the Add New Category button. For the purpose of this tutorial we are now creating a new category named Family posts.