Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How I earned $300 per month by selling CPU idle time

Are you looking some way to earn money? Do you have PC at your home for selling CPU idle time to make money easily?

Yes, you heard it right!!!!!!


You can earn money by selling CPU idle time.Do you let your PC sleep when you are not using it, then now don't do it...

Selling CPU idle time is very easy if you follow the below tutorial.

Don't worry this is not a scam, you are going to sell your CPU idle time to Distributed Computing which uses your CPU memory to perform commercial projects and research.

Typically, 85 - 90 % of the home PC's idle time is getting waste. So think how it will be if you can use these time efficiently?

Distributed computing is a branch of computer science that efficiently utilizes multiple computers(PC/laptop) connected through a network, interacting with each other to achieve a common goal.

The primary requirement in distributed computing is that a research or computational job will be divided into individual chunks and processed at different nodes over the network.Please note that this is entirely different from P2P networks.

Now let me walk you through the tutorial in which you can start selling CPU idle time and making money.

Application for selling CPU idle time

Gomez Peer

Gomez PEER is one of the best-distributed computing software in the current market and which provide the best service people use their CPU’s idle time to earn some money. You will be advised to download a Java software which is secure to use. This application runs in the background when you are not using your system. Many Schools and colleges who have their computer lab with the system most of the time switched on are using this application to convert their resource to money.

selling CPU idle time

There are more than 2Million people who are using Gomez peer and making some money from their PC idle time.


MQL 5 – Distributed Cloud Network

Another best place to sell your PC idle time is MQL 5 Distributed Cloud Network. MQL5 uses your CPU for a variety of tasks such as developing mathematical models, research, data mining etc.

selling CPU idle time


From my experience, I will suggest you try the above two applications. There are many other applications which you can use for earning some money. But the above is most trusted ones which pay you more at right time.

I hope the above tutorial will help you to earn some good earnings. You can also buy some old PC to use for this. Please share this tutorial of selling CPU idle time with your friends. Please post your experience in the comment section below.

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