Thursday, May 4, 2017

AdSense optimization tips straight from Google

Are you using Google Adsense to monetize your blog?Then check these 5 tips to increase your Adsense optimization straight from Google.

Top AdSense Optimization Tips

1. Increase your AdSense coverage

In order to increase your Adsense earning try to place three link unit ads and three Adsense unit on each of your blog pages. The number of ads you display on your page, more chances for you to earn.

Similarly, since few ads are cost-per-impression you will get paid for impressions made by the users and thus you will get paid often for just displaying ads.

2. Place your ads above the fold
Ads that are placed above the page perform the best, thus try your best to place ads above pages to make the user see your add without scrolling down. The more time a user take by scrolling to see add, the less likely your chance for them to click on it.

3. Use the best performing ad units
Google advertisers preferred ad options are Wide Skyscraper (160×600), the Medium Rectangle (300×250) and Leaderboard (728×90). By using this ad unit, you are getting yourself into the pool of highly competing ads. More the ad inventory results in more competition in the ad auction and ultimately increases the  RPMs for our publishers.

4. Show text and image ads
Try your best to add a combination of image and text ads on your blog to increase Adsense optimization.Placing a different kind of ads will keep your users engaged and increases the chance of clicking it.Most text ads are paid on CPC(Cost per click) and image ads are on CPM( cost per impression). Thus Adsense will decide which ads should appear to increase your earnings.

5. Complement your ads with content
It is always advisable to remove borders for your ads to make your ads complement to your content.Similarly, select ad colors which match your website color schema or theme improve users experience.

Additional Tip: Opt-in to Placement Targeting
Try to set up a custom Adsense channel in your account and opt for Placement targeting. This allows advertisers to bid for a specific or group of ads to place on your website.Thus Placement targeting allows your to increase your revenue per single ad. Most of the advertisers usually bid for targeted ad units.

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At the end of the day, it's all about trying different tips and finding which better suits your website users and adapt to it.Always try experimenting new tips to keep updated with the current scenario.I hope you enjoyed this post.Good luck and feel free to post your comment for any queries or suggestions.


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