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51 [Free] Ways to Promote your blog and boost traffic

Are you looking for some free ways to promote your blog and boost traffic?As per the data give out by New York Times, 95% of the world’s population fail or gave up because of not getting enough readers for their post. Most of the bloggers start a blog with a dream of becoming a successful website, but only a few of them succeed all the hurdles. When I started my blog in 2015, I thought I will just get some readers if I write some good post. After six months, I realized that just with some good post will help me to develop my blog, instead, I need more readers.

When we take an example that I have started a pastry shop and I make very good cakes that other shops. The main motive behind me starting that business is to bring more customers and to make some living from it. Just because I started new shop customers will not come to purchase from the shop, so I need to make people realize the real taste of my pie to make them come again. For that, I need to do some promotion strategies to bring new customers. In the same way, we are going to learn how we can promote our blog to get more regular readers.

These are proven ways which you can bring traffic to your new blog or increase your blog traffic by 100%.

Since it’s a huge content I am going to split the ways into 14 different sections and it is not easy to perform all at a time. I would recommend you perform these ways by taking your own time and effort.


Use content to boost traffic

1)Write a Quality Article

One of the important steps to promote your blog is writing a good quality content. Content is the king for all blog, thus writing good quality which helps your readers is the primary way to boost traffic. Only if you have a useful content, you can boost traffic with other methods.

2)Publish more articles

A research data released by Hubspot shows that a blog which publishes more than 16 posts per month drives 3 times more traffic than other. Publishing posts on regular basis will help you bring more trust on Google search engine. Google or other search engines will like to promote blogs which add regular fresh content.

3)Write Longer content

Research done by Buzzsumo in partnership with Moz shows that while analyzing 1 Million articles found that article with a word count between 3,000 to 10,000 drives 3 times more traffic than articles which are less than 1000.Thus writing longer content posts will promote your blog and eventually it will boost traffic.

4)Article directories

Once your content gets indexed by Google search engine, start breaking them into multiple posts and submit to top article directories. This will simultaneously promote your blog and boost traffic.

5)Follow Popular blogs

Follow popular blogs and find which topics are getting more traffic to their site and write on a similar topic by going a detailed search. Similarly, find what do more details reader have in a popular post by checking the comment section to get some idea.

6)Interview articles

Start interviewing popular bloggers on your blog and which helps to bring more traffic to your post. Neil Patel shared one of his technique of featuring many other bloggers in his article and once after publishing the post he will intimate them all. In this way, other bloggers will share his post in return to that.

7)Start Writing Eye-Catching Headlines

Writing an eye-catching headline will attract more visitors to read your post in the first sight.

8)Always post updated and useful content

9)Interact with your readers to know what they would like you to write.

10)Interlink you blog post to make your readers move from topic to other. In this way from a single post you boost traffic to different articles.

11)Analyze most popular content in your blog and understand why it is driving more traffic. This will help you to create more similar posts.

12)Do detail analysis in forums to find a post idea which many users are looking for.

13)Start Guest Blogging option in your blog to attract more contributors who wish drive traffic from your blog. This way, you can get more content and promote your blog.

14)Approach another top blogger in your niche to do guest posting which will boost traffic and help in creating some quality backlinks.

15)Start a debate by writing something which is controversial or chances to become viral.

16)Find topics which are trending on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google using tools like Buzzsumo.

Be social to Promote your blog


17)Create a Facebook page for your blog.

18) Add a brief description of your blog in Facebook page.

19)Ask your family and friends to like and share your page.

20)Share your post regularly through your Facebook page.

21)Join many Facebook group in your niche and to boost your blog post to many users.

22)If you can afford, use Facebook paid promotion to get likes for your page.

23) Use Twitter to share your blog post.

24)Links your post to Google Plus which is a reliable source to get Google search engine trust.

25)To get successful in social media promotion you should post your articles at the right time. Use applications like Buffer to schedule your social media posts.

26)Join Pinterest and tap all your blog pictures into the dashboard. Pinterest is a highly-trusted site and Google even promote them to the first page of search result.

27)Encourage sharing other useful blog posts to your readers to keep them engaged.

28)Include social media sharing buttons to all your blog post and page.

29)Add social media follow or subscription options to your blog sidebar to attract more followers.

30)Publish more Infographics in Twitter and social media which will help to promote you blog brand to more new readers.

Link Building

Link building is very important step to promote your blog, because it will boost traffic to your site and at the same time create backlink.

30) Link you blog URL to social profiles. Creating backlinks form high PR sites will increase you blog trust level and traffic.

31)Create Web 2.0 backlink by creating free blogs like you site by using free blogging platforms like Blogger,, LiveJournal. Even though this is a time consuming one, but a quality backlink from Web 2.0 will promote your blog and boost traffic.

32)Add your blog post to free online web directories which gradually promote your blog.

33) Republish your posts to which is high PR directory and drives more traffic to your post.

34)Promote your blog post in top forum discussions by creating a new thread.

35)Convert your blog posts into Slideshare and share it using you LinkedIn profile.

36)Convert your blog post into a document and upload it to free downloading sites like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. This will create quality backlinks for high PR sites and boost traffic from readers who download your file.

37)Use Quora to promote your blog by answering top questions related to your niche and drop your post links to it.

38) Use Yahoo answer to boost traffic.

39)Include your blog URL to your email signature and while participating in forums.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

40) Write one or two keywords specific post which increase your chances of driving organic traffic.

41)Start using SEO plugins like Yoast and All in one SEO pack to increase your SEO scores.

42)Use related post plugins to keep readers with new topics.

43)Add Keywords to all the images used for a post to promote you blog through Google image search.

44)Use Keywords in meta tags, headline and in your post URL.

Other Methods

45)Create an Android or IPhone mobile application for your blog to get more readers through Android Play store and Apple store. Remember to add the push notification feature to alert your application users every time when you add some fresh content.

46)As most of the reader’s access internet through their mobile devices, optimize your blog design to view in mobile devices.

47)Keep your blog design neat and attractive to boost your blog traffic with returning visitors.

48)Attend conferences or blogging competition to build a good network with other bloggers.

49)Use ping services like Pingomatic to alert multiple search engine tools regarding your new posts.

50)Ask blog review websites to review your blog in their website.

51)Approach some online press release sites to promote your blog and boost traffic.


Performing the above 51 ways will help to promote a new blog and become successful by attracting more traffic. Do you have more ideas to boost traffic? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment below to help other bloggers.


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