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13 things to do for Google AdSense Approval within 3 days

So, you want to make some money from your website using Google AdSense Approval?

Who does not dream about making some money from online?

It is a dream of all bloggers to get Google AdSense Approval for their site.

But why it is difficult to get Google AdSense approval?

Since it’s the dream of every website owners to make some money using Google AdSense, many bloggers started using some tricks or hacks to get their approval easily. Especially bloggers from Asian countries like India and China were affected very badly with this misbehavior of few bloggers. As a result, Google stopped approving websites which are less than six months in few geographical regions.

Thus, it’s not easy to get approved because Google AdSense is very serious about policies when it comes to approving a new website.

Don’t worry. If your website follows Google AdSense Polices, then you will surely get your Google Adsense approval in just 2 to 3 days of your application.

So, in this post, I am going to give you an A to Z tutorial on Getting Google AdSense Approval for both an aged blog and a new blog.

I know you will have many questions in your mind and this post will surely answer all your question and like everyone you will get your Google AdSense approval

Why Every Blogger prefer Google AdSense over other Ad networks?

Google AdSense is the best Ad network in online website monetization because it offers the highest CTR for its publishers and it is one of the oldest networks.

Google AdSense has huge customers who wish to market their product through Google ads because we all know the quality of service which Google provide. Similarly, Google AdSense pays on time to all its publishers.

Google ads are better than other ad networks as they display ads related to your content. In this way, you are not going to lose any of blog visitors by displaying unrelated ads with your content.

I will say, for those who can really work hard to post useful content on their website they could really make a huge amount of money with Google AdSense. As I mentioned earlier it has the highest pay rate for PPR and CTR in the current ad networks.

Since there are many bloggers who apply for AdSense, Google is very strict nowadays while approving your AdSense application. Thus, before applying for if you make sure that you don’t fall to the below rejection reasons then it increases the chance of getting approval in the first try.

Common Adsense Rejection Reasons

Before getting into these in details let me share with you that Google AdSense receives more than 1000 applications per day and each application is verified manually. This shows how much effort the Google is putting on Adsense Approval

Below is the list of reasons provided by Google AdSense for rejecting applications. Knowing these reasons will help you to make sure that your blog doesn’t fall into that category.

1)Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content.

Google AdSense requirements clearly state that they give importance to the content and the quality of content of every applicant's site. Grammatical mistakes, poorly written content, copyrighted images, and copied contents are few main reasons of Google AdSense rejection. Thus, the number and quality of post play a vital role in Google AdSense approval.

2)Your Blog page type and design

Google check every applicant's site design and whether a visitor will like it or not. Google will never like to display their ads in a blog with less chance of visitors or with poor design.

If you think from a visitor perspective, you will surely not visit a site which has poor color and design. That doesn’t mean you need use some premium themes to make your website design look good, instead keep your site with good color scheme and arrangements.

No Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page

Let me ask you one thing, have you ever noticed if you visit a Skilled professional blog or business page you will surely see some page about their policies, contact page and about us page. Thus, google validates how serious and professional you are about your blog with these pages.

Site Does Not Comply with Google AdSense Policies

No organic traffic, pages with title misguiding the audience, poor navigation, and design, excessive use of keywords, improper content. Websites driving traffic illegal ways will be rejected and blacklisted my Google in the first spot itself.

Thus, the below checklist will help you to make sure that you pass all the Google AdSense Approval verification process and you can start making some income from your blog.

Things to do before Applying for AdSense

1.Well written high-quality content:

The first crucial step which you need to take care before applying for Google Adsense is writing a good high-quality content. Google is always happy to show the blog with good content in the Google search result. As I mentioned earlier, each AdSense application will be verified by a Human who will surely spend some time reading your content.

You don’t need to professional in writing to have good content, instead try to avoid the below errors in your content

  • Grammatical errors

  • Short content (Less than 300 words)

  • Improper or misguiding headings

  • Content which not informative or useful.

Create Privacy Page for Your Blog

When I spoke with most of the bloggers who got rejected by AdSense, they all submitted their application without a “Privacy Policy Page” which is very important. A well-written privacy policy will help your visitors understand about your blog rules and regulation.

Why is it important to have a privacy policy page to get Google AdSense Approval?

Google is expecting to have a Privacy statement on your website and which helps them tp prove that you are not a scam website. Similarly, this shows how serious you are about your business and your customers.

A privacy clearly describes what your blog visitor can expect from your blog, how can they report you regarding an improper content. You do not need to consult a lawyer to create a policy instead, you can try some online templates or WordPress plugin which would that for you.

Create About Page:

An About page helps Google and your visitors to know about your business and your ideas behind starting a blog. You have no chance to get approved for AdSense if you do not have About page on your blog.

Simply explaining your website details and contributors in a page will increase your chances and your readers will be happy to read it.

Create a Contact Us Page:

Every business needs a contact address or contact option for its customers to express their opinion. Thus it is very important that you have a Contact us page mentioning the possible ways of contact by a visitor.

It would be good if you have the below details in your Contact page:

1)Either a Contact Us Form (You can use WordPress Plugins for creating contact forms)

2)Email id /Physical address and it's optional to have mobile or landline number

3)Your working hours and turnaround time for every email response.

Having all the above points on your page will give a trust for Google that you are a legitimate site.

Verify Your Name and Email:

This is not a mandatory step, but this will speed up your application process.

Try your best apply for AdSense with an email id having your business name or your name in. This helps Google to verify that you are not fake.

If you have your custom email matching your domain (e.g.: Admin@yourdomain.com) will give you additional benefits for you. But this is just a suggestion, but not a mandatory one.

6)Have Some Good Number of Posts:

It’s a common question in every applicant mind that “How many numbers of Posts should I have while applying?”

The answer is anything above 16 well-written posts without copyrighted material is always better. I would suggest having more than 20 posts and trying to add a post per day during the Application verification period. This helps Google to know that you have updated content.

7)Avoid using Copyrighted content in your blog:

Most of the Google AdSense rejection happens due to use of copyrighted images and copied content. Make sure that you don’t have any copyrighted images from Google images and other sources.

If you have any difficulty in getting images, then use sites like Flickr to get free images which you use where ever you need.

You can also filter out Copyright free images in Google Images using advanced filter option.

Similarly, the latest Google Algorithm does not discourage plagiarism and will blacklist your site if you have more copied content. Always try to use original content in your blog.

8)Avoid using Spinbot or Bot generated backlinks to your site:

Google is an advance internet company who could develop their own spinbot content detector which can easily identify from where you copied your content. A spinbot will just regenerate sentences with alternate words and makes the sentences meaningless. Even though it takes a long time and effort for creating a genuine content, it will be always better and everlasting one.

9)Make sure that you are 18 years old or above.

Google Adsense reject all applicants who are under 18 years old and thus make sure that you provide your correct date of birth when entering the AdSense application details.

10)Improve your Blog Design:

Since many users browse Google using their mobile devices, Google prefers to approve blogs which have a more responsive design. Some sources say that Google even checks how responsive your blog design in mobile devices and your loading time.

Would you like to visit a site which takes more time load a content?

Off course you will never visit such site again. Thus, make sure that you have less loading time and very good blog design.

11) Check Your Content Type

Google has clearly mentioned that it will reject all application with websites which fall into the below content types.

  • Pornography/Adult materials

  • Pirated Content

  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials

  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia

  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

  • Gambling sites

In addition to that make sure that your content is written in the below-approved languages by Google AdSense.

12)Remove other Ad Network advertisements:

If you are using ads from other ad networks, then make sure that you remove them during the period between your application submission and approval period.

You can use the other networks back once you get your AdSense approval if you need. But remember Google has set policies on displaying ads on your site after approval.


13)Apply using Root domain names:

Make sure that you apply with your root domains (Yourdomain.com) for AdSense Approval instead of subdomains (Sub.yourdomain.com)

Bonus Tips:

Below are the bonus tips for your which would help you to make your blog more Google search friendly.

a) Optimize your blog with Meta Tags.

Try your best to optimize your blog with meta tags to make your site Google Search Engine friendly. The meta tags will help Google bots to crawl your blog pages and understand your content.

b) Add your sitemap to Google Webmaster tool:

Adding your sitemap to Google webmaster tool will make it easier for Google bots to crawl your pages regularly. Make sure that you do not have any Crawl errors while applying for AdSense approval.

Few misconceptions of Google AdSense rejection reasons

I am sure that you would have come across many rejection reasons which don't have any facts to support. Few of them are

1)Only top level domain has more chance of approval:

This is completely wrong one because Google has not mentioned anywhere that Top level domain has more approval chances. Every domain extensions have equal chances of approval.

2)You should have a goof traffic to get approval:

It is not a proved one that you should have enough or high traffic to get approved by AdSense. There are many new sites with less traffic got approved in the first month of their starting. Thus do not worry if you do not have a goof traffic to your site.

3) It is not mandatory that your blog domain should be at least 6 months old in few countries:

In certain countries like India and China due to increase in number of spam applicants, Google has the below policy

“In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.”

This doesn’t mean you need to wait for 6 months to get your site approved if you site cover all the 12 points mentioned above, irrespective of your region you chance to get approved.

What to do if your Google Adsense Application is rejected?

Don’t worry if your Google rejects your AdSense application, you still have chances. Google will send you an email clearly stating your rejection reason and start working on your site to make changes accordingly.

There are many bloggers who got their AdSense approved by applying 6 to 7 times, so do not lose hope in the first few try. Each time, when you get rejection learn from that and improve your site to compile with Google AdSense Approval Policies.

You tried your best, but still not getting approved?

It’s not the end of the world, you have other ad networks too.

Think like Google does not have the luck to publish their ad on your great site …lol …

You can try to fix your website problems with the help of an AdSense expert by inspecting your site by him or else you can for some AdSense alternatives.


Infolinks is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense which provide 70% revenue share for new bloggers using in-text advertising. They provide options like in text ads, in tag ads, inframe ads and in search ads

Alexa ranking:

Min payout: $50

Payment method: Wire Transfer, PayPal, eCheck, Payoneer and Western Union


BidVertiser is another alternative to Google Adsense which share revenue for every valid click on advertisements. They offer Mobile ads, Slider ads, Text ads etc.

Alexa ranking:

Min payout: $10

Payment Method: Check, Paypal


Thus getting your site ready for an Adsense approval is similar to getting yourself prepared for a job interview in Google.

If you meet the expectation of Google, they will accept your application and you can start earning from the best ad network in the world.

You have tried your best to follow all the above points but still not getting approved, then move on with other AdSense alternatives for now and try applying again after some time.

I am sure that you have enjoyed this post and you will surely get your Google AdSense Approval soon by following all the above checklist.

If you think this article is helpful, then please help others by a share.

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