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How to Tell Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using


So you've discovered a site you like the look of and extravagant making one that appears to be identical (or if nothing else comparative)? All things considered, first things in the first place, you'll need to check regardless of whether the site you're taking a gander at keeps running on WordPress — on the off chance that it does, that is a decent sign, in light of the fact that the greater part of destinations manufactured with WordPress tend to utilize instant off-the-rack outlines. Accepting the site you've found is without a doubt running WordPress, the following thing to do is to attempt and figure out which theme the site utilizes — and to trust that the site's configuration is really in view of either an unreservedly accessible or available theme*.

How about we examine how to figure out which WordPress theme a web page uses and how to locate precisely the same on the web, with a specific end goal to utilize it all alone site…

Discovering the WordPress Themes name


It's generally justified regardless of a speedy look in the site's footer if the theme creator has incorporated the name of their company and/or a connection to their own site in the footer of their configuration, just on the off chance that it's still there — assuming this is the case: hurrah! Simple win! Unfortunately nonetheless, nine times out of ten it's not this simple…


Nothing in the footer? Forget about it: we should proceed onward:


God help us: code? Yup, yet don't stress — in light of the fact that it's truly not that hard! Only a couple clicks truth be told… Let's utilization Chrome, since it's the most prevalent program and deals with all stages (in spite of the fact that the same standards will work with any program). Step 1: right tap on the screen (being mindful so as not to click straightforwardly over a picture — since this will raise an alternate menu), and you ought to see something like this:


Step 2. Select "Perspective Page source"; which ought to then lead you to an unnerving page of code (don't stress, this is basically the HTML markup that makes up the site page — consider it taking a crest backstage, off camera maybe… You ought to now be taking a gander at something like:


The following step, step 3, is to discover the CSS template connected to the inside of this code. For 99% of WordPress-fueled sites, this will be a record named "style.css", and be situated inside of a catalog called "subjects", inside of a sub-index called "wp-content". The most effortless approach to discover this record is by doing a brisk search** for the expression "style.css".


This document, the style.css record, is the brilliant document: it's inside of this document that we ought to have the capacity to see every one of the specifics of the definite topic being utilized.

When found inside of the code, left tap on "style.css" (which will really be a standard connection inside of the content) and you ought to be taken to another (less vivid) page of code: this is the topic's substance template. At the highest point of the page (in spite of the fact that sometimes you may need to look down a little to discover it), you ought to now have the capacity to see particular data about the topic the site is utilizing!

here doesn't — from a specialized perspective — should be the greater part of this data recorded for a topic to work, yet you'll normally see at any rate the subject's name, the creator's name and a connection to his/her own site. Bingo!

As should be obvious by means of the screenshot, in our above case we've been taking a gander at the "Twenty Fifteen" topic wrote by "the WordPress group", with the subject's landing page given as "".

Discovering the same topic online to find WordPress theme

Since you've (ideally) got the topic's name, the creator's name and/or a connection to the subject/creator's site, you ought to be ready. Investigate the subject/creator's site and do the standard due ingenuity about regardless of whether they're a respectable source from which to purchase/acquire the topic (expecting, obviously, that it's suitably authorized and openly accessible).

Imagine a scenario in which the style.css record just gives the topic's name and that's it. For this situation the topic will probably be a little trickier to discover. Begin via looking in the greatest WordPress theme commercial centres around (Themeforest, MOJO Themes, and Creative Market) and, obviously, the authority WordPress theme index, and afterward, if that falls flat, go to Google and see what thinks of a standard pursuit… Nothing in Google? All things considered, about the main thing left to do is make a few inquiries in different gatherings and/or gatherings, such as Reddit or  Quora, and so on, to check whether anybody has any leads and/or perceives the name…

– Important note: regardless of the fact that you can discover them, it's barely ever a smart thought to download/use premium topics for nothing — regardless of the fact that the permit permits it (and not all parts of all WordPress theme  require fundamentally be GPL) a hefty portion of these sorts of 'ripped off' subjects will contain malevolent source code that you truly don't need running on your website!

Using Wordpress Theme detector tools

This is the easiest method for any non-technical blogger to find which WordPress theme a website using. There are few online services where all you need to do is add the URL of WordPress blog, and these online services will reveal the theme name. For example, I added and it shows what theme SML is using. Along with revealing themes, these websites also reveal few of the WordPress plug-in used by a WordPress site.

I prefer to use the below two online tool for detecting the Wordpress Theme

1) WPtemedetector

2) Whatwpthemeisthat


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